The Rise of AceIPM

The rise of AceIPM

If you are an IPM Student, you may or may not have heard of AceIPM, but if you are an IPM aspirant, you would have surely heard of AceIPM before. 

What is AceIPM?

AceIPM is an IIM Rohtak student-led IPMAT coaching that has become its kind success story. AceIPM provides a hybrid course with both pre-recorded sessions and lives online classes. It is a full-fledged online IPMAT Course that includes a mock test series and interview preparation. In the first year, AceIPM has generated more than one crore in revenue; more impressive is that they have stuck to its motto of personalized learning. Their feedback thus far has been commendable, and so has their result. 

But is it that easy to earn one crore in a year? Record lectures, take online classes, and make an 8 Digit figure; HELL NO! 

Though IPMAT is a relatively new program, and the number of aspirants that appear is peanuts compared to big guns like JEE and NEET, the market is attracting many established and new players. BYJU\’s and Academy are investing heavy amounts in promotion, and there have some other similar initiatives as well, such as Univoyage and Myprepway. Before jumping on to what makes AceIPM stand out from its competitors, let us look at the brain behind AceIPM. 

Founders of AceIPM

AceIPM is the brainchild of IIM Rohtak IPM01 student Saksham Chauhan who was soon joined by his batchmate and close friend Swapnil Bharitya. 

Saksham started learning about digital marketing when he was in class 6 and soon started trying and experimenting with different marketing tools. He learned WordPress development and started taking freelance projects. He developed a deep understanding of the core vitals of digital marketing and was already earning 30,000-40,000 during his higher secondary years from his side hustle.

The idea of IPMAT Coaching

During his first year of IPM, Saksham came up with the idea of coaching dedicated to IPM students. They had a team of 6-7 close friends in the initial stages who all took up some responsibilities. 

As a fun fact: Saksham used an AI tool to come up with the name \”AceIPM.\” The team did thorough research on all the aspects of coaching\’s business and the present competitors in the market. They had everything in place except Time. The IPM schedule, combined with a thrust to explore new things and enjoy campus life, halted the dream project, and the entire year passed in mid-terms, end-terms, sports, and college fest. 

The turning point came up when COVID-19 put a brake on the regular offline classes. Eventually, IIM Rohtak also started conducting online classes and, more importantly, online exams.  

This provided Saksham the Time he needed to reignite his desire to start online IPM Coaching. This Time it was just Saksham and Swapnil taking charge of everything. In June 2020, Saksham began his YouTube and Telegram channel with the name of \”OneGyan\” and provided a free consultation to the students shortlisted for IIM Indore\’s WAT-PI Process. At the end of November 2020, He finally started working on AceIPM and began recording sessions on more than 40+ Topics. The lectures for Quantitative Aptitude were created by Swapnil, while Saksham created lectures for Verbal Ability. 

Fast forward to May 2021; after six months of preparation, AceIPM finally launched its flagship IPMAT course, which became an instant hit.

What\’s unique about AceIPM? 

The best part of AceIPM is its website. Building a website is easy; so many freelancers are available in the market who can create a website for you in less than 5K, but creating a conversion-optimized website takes Time, effort, and experience.  

The AceIPM website has two sticky action buttons \”Book free counselling\” and \”Chat on WhatsApp.\” The free counselling option proved to be the game-changer. The team used to receive 15+ counselling requests every day. Some converted, some did not, but it provided them a good picture of the shortcomings in the current coaching market and an understanding of IPM Aspirants\’ pain points. 

The rise of AceIPM is inspiring in many ways; if you can think beyond the hefty packages and dare to create something new, the opportunities are endless. 

1 thought on “The Rise of AceIPM”

  1. Bhavesh Shaha

    Swapnil spent the 30m between various classes recording lectures for IPMAT. His work ethic is second to none. He is a born teacher. He made 100s of hours of lectures and was working with CAT Aspirants too before this, building a community and honing his skills. He is undoubtedly the backbone of the course and the company. He had created lectures earlier and he later approached Saksham. Saksham aided the marketing and branding, Swapnil maintained that and built the product, teaching pedagogy, and the entire schematics of the curriculum from scratch. Swapnil also went on to win the GSEA India for AceIPM.

    I was a close friend of Saksham and was the first student of AceIPM too. I helped with preliminary marketing, branding and media. Later, I went on to make the AceMocks Ad (Do you want to clear IPMAT? You need mocks, 4k, hu kya?) which then brought me to the limelight. After my selection into IIM Ranchi, we revealed my role as a co-founder which was not shared earlier as I was in 12th grade.

    At the same time, Saksham and Swapnil became very busy and they didn’t anticipate the sudden growth. Vani then came in clutch and took care of the entire business flow, growth and user funnel. Her business acumen is second to none and she helped keep Ace up float, without her, our KPIs would have never been reached and we’d not be at the position that we are here today.

    We have a lot more students of IIMs and other faculty members who have aided the preparation of 1000s of IPMAT Aspirants and I’m eternally grateful to this team.

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