Samarth Vanvi’s Journey from IPM Indore to IIM Bangalore

IPM Indore to IIM Banglore

A glimpse into what to can expect from life at IIM Bangalore.

Hello Juniors, I am Samarth Vanvi, born and brought up in Gujarat. I finished my primary and lower secondary education in Gujarat itself, whereby I took a liking to Physics and Maths particularly. This pushed me to go for a JEE coaching in Kota. I finished my 11th, 12th and JEE in Kota.

However, I had a choice whether to go for IITs or the IPMAT program of IIM Indore. I chose the latter, because it would garner me more knowledge of the Management life, in which I was interested.

I did the initial 3 years, which completed my BA (Foundations in Management). Here, with some like minded people, I started a Asset Management start-up, Fincrese. I strived for something better and attempted CAT. With little luck, support from the family and proper guidance, I got IIM Bangalore.

Currently, my hobbies and interests include Investing, football and reading.

How was your experience during the three years of IPM? 

Entering into IPM, I felt I have entered into something new. The things I learned in IPM in three years have shaped me for greater opportunities. My current interest in Finance and Investing were a derivation of my life at IPM. I found many knowledgeable people, who helped me throughout.

But it wasn’t so easy, there were times where I didn’t sleep because of all the project reports and presentations, the subjects were new to us and felt difficult. It became chaotic sometimes, but I learned a lot.

How did you prepare for CAT? Any nuggets of advice for the current IPM students on how to tackle the pressure?

This answer can be different for different aspirants, because there will be situations that one participant faces, and another faces a different one. My CAT preparations were started a little late, when only a month and a half were left. People who gave CAT before me, advised me to attempt as many mocks as I can. I also believe that the concepts that the question paper is based on, are not extravagant.

There would be quant concepts, which you already studied in 11th and 12th. Verbal ability is the same, just more twisted. Logics section is entirely dependent on your way of thinking and tackling the objectives. All in all, I got the jist that the paper is not unbeatable, given time, I would be able to solve all the questions. So, all you need is Speed and Accuracy, which you will have when you have given enough mocks.

The pressure you will experience will be huge. Your colleagues will have better marks in mocks, you will have some mocks where you will feel like leaving the prep. But understand, this is MBA life training you for your future.

My advice is, do not pay heed to others and their work. Just keep striving to better than what you were yesterday. Keep improving with each mock, check where you went wrong and do not make the same mistake again.

Did the subjects you studied at IPM help you in your MBA?

Some subjects did, but not much. Writing the answers in English, reading materials in English, speaking and presenting in English would surely help in VARC. But more than that, I would say studying in IPM gave me a way to think, which was very helpful in preparing for CAT.

Do you think IPM students have the edge over the IIT/NIT students or the other way around? 

That depends on what you want to do with your career. If you want to aim for the Corporate life, IPM students would have a better edge because they are trained for it. In an organization, they would do better, as they know what needs to be done, they are more aware about the stacks, and they get on with the team better.

But IIT/NIT candidates will have better technical skills.

These depends on the type of person you are more than where you studied for in my opinion.

What are some of the key differences you noticed between life at IIM I and IIM Bangalore? 

Well there are many differences that I find between IIM Indore and IIM Bangalore, I will list down some of them.

Teaching Method, in IPM, there was a classroom interaction with one sided teaching mostly, with professor teaching us. But the class was interactive, we can ask our doubts and we had to answer some of the questions put to class. In Bangalore, we have to derive our learning ourselves, because it is a half case based method. Some subjects are taught by profs, some we have to infer the learnings from a case. Very interactive but more work on our part.

IIMI was way easier to sail through. This does not mean IIMB is very difficult, but it depends on you. 4 day work week in first year can mean anything to the student. He/She can use it to party, some can try different things, some can use it to better their skills. In IPM, we were expected to be good at Academics, in Bangalore too, but many things matter here and with higher stakes too.

The students at IIM Bangalore are very mature, as people with Work ex are dominate the institute. Their way of talking and doing things are of course better, your learning experience would be very good here, as it is the last step in your academic journey.

I face more pressure in IIMB, as the competition is harder, people are better and the stakes higher.

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