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Debunking myths is a very crucial step when it comes to an exam preparation. Not knowing the correct information about the exam can be detrimental to any aspirant and their preparation. By the end of this blog, you will be rid of all incorrect info as right now we are going to debunk the most common IPMAT myths.

Non-math students can’t crack IPMAT

One of the most common myths about IPMAT is that non-math students can’t crack it. It is true that math students have a slight advantage over non-math students, but that doesn’t mean cracking IPMAT is impossible for a non-math student. If they start their preparation early, they can also gain a good grip on the subject. 

After analyzing the past few years\’ papers of IPMAT, what we observed was that the fundamental chapters which are covered till the 10th standard have a considerable weightage in the exam; for example, chapters such as profit and loss, averages, number system, ratio, and proportion. So finishing them first will make the basics clear. Then, one can move to higher math topics.

Mock tests are not important

Mock tests are considered practice exams before you appear for the final one. While you are attempting these tests, they help boost your confidence and overcome mistakes. Here, you are made aware of the test pattern and are also made to experience the strategies for tackling the actual test.Mock tests are one of the best ways to get comfortable with an exam\’s timing, experience the exam’s content and structure, and see how preparation for the exam is going.

Candidates who start taking mock tests side by side in their preparation take the mock test at least twice a month in the initial practice periods. Those who take mock tests after preparing a bit are generally given one mock test every week.Irrespective of that, it is advisable to take two to three mock tests per week. Then the rest of the days should be utilized for the analysis, correcting the errors, and preparing for the next mock test.

Droppers can’t get into the IPM program 

“The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.”

Droppers can absolutely make it into their dream IIM via IPMAT. There is no such rule that excepts droppers from taking the IPM aptitude test or admission into the IPM course. One must just fulfil the age criteria as mentioned by the respective institutions to attempt the IPMAT. 

You can’t crack IPMAT by self-study

One of the biggest IPMAT myths is that coaching is absolutely necessary to crack it. There are a lot of students across the country who cracked the exam by self-study. All it takes is consistency, determination and hard work for any aspirant to crack the exam without any coaching. Having guidance from mentors who have years of teaching experience makes your journey easier. However, there is no necessity for the same. An aspirant must plan their time wisely and prepare for the exam as sincerely as possible. One should also understand that claims of coaching classes being a neccesity, are simply myths about IPM and nothing more.

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Just clearing the cutoff will get you into IIMs

No, just clearing the cutoffs or scoring at the border will not secure your seat in IIMs. There are different factors that each IIM consider before shortlisting students for their institute.All those factors will be used to calculate a composite score. Admissions will be given to students based on it.

The composite score for IPM Indore:

ComponentWeightage %
IPMAT Score65 %
Personal Interview (PI)35 %

The composite score for IPM Rohtak:

ComponentWeightage %
Aptitude Test Score45 %
Personal Interview (PI)15 %
Past Academics (10th & 12th score)40 % (20% each)

The composite score for IPM Ranchi:

ComponentWeightage %
Admmission Test Score50 %
PI Score30 %
Academic Profile20 %
Gender Diversity (Bonus Points)5 %
Total100 %

Remember that approximately 400 students will clear the cutoff and only 150-180 students will make it into the final list. So, your chance of securing a seat by scoring somewhere around the border marks is not very likely. As mentioned above, every institute gives considerable weightage to the IPMAT score. Maximizing it as much as possible will increase your chances further of making it to the final merit list.

There is only one IPMAT exam

The names of admission tests for IIM Indore and Rohtak are the same, that is, IPMAT. But, there are two different tests for each. To get admission in the IPM batch of IIM Indore, one must write IPMAT Indore similarly, to get admission in the IPM Batch of Rohtak, one must attempt IPMAT Rohtak. Both the exams have different patterns and marking schemes.

Sectional time limits

One of the most common IPMAT myths is that there are sectional time limits in both IPMAT for IIM Indore as well as IIM Rohtak, however, sectional time limits are only in IPMAT Indore. Every student gets 90 minutes for three sections i.e., 30 minutes for every section. For IPMAT Rohtak, a total of 120 minutes is given without any specified time limits for sections.

So that’s our list of most common IPMAT myths and we hope that our explanation has cleared your mind of any doubts you had regarding IPMAT. If not, you can head over to our question and answer section to get your queries answered by students and aspirants. Click here.

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