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Life at IIM Jammu IPM

Life at IPM Jammu is filled with excitement, rigor, challenges and some fun times. Let me give you a glimpse of how the life of an IPM student at IIM Jammu looks like….

I feel that the central idea of being in a premier institute like the IIMs, IITs, AIIMS etc is the exposure and learning experience which the students get. This can only be experienced when you’re actually on campus. Although the online classes have their own perks like easily being able to sleep in class, attending classes from the comfort of your bed and what not. But the real fun and challenge comes in experiencing the campus life in its entirety.

The purpose of this blog is to give you a glimpse of how life at IPM Jammu program is.  IIM Jammu started its IPM program alongside IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Ranchi in 2021. For the IIMs which are otherwise known for their Post graduate programs, starting a program for the undergraduate students was indeed a big step.

The main idea behind starting the IPM course was to mold the students into contemporary thinking managers and prepare them for the corporate world slowly and steadily. They wanted to expose the students to the IIM culture right from an early age.

Selection Process

The selection process of the IPM course includes the following:

  • The students have to appear for the JIPMAT (Joint Integrated Program in Management) conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency). This year the JIPMAT exam will be conducted on June 19th 2022.
  • Then the 10th and 12th marks and percentage are considered.
  • IIM Jammu also offers 10 % weightage to female students for gender diversity.

Please visit the following link to know more about the selection criteria of IIM Jammu for IPM course

To know about the JIPMAT Preparation exam click here.

Campus life at IPM Jammu


Presently IIM Jammu is operating from its two campuses one at Jaluchak and the other one which is the Old University campus at canal road. The third campus is the permanent campus of IIM Jammu which is in the making and it is situated at Jagti. The IPM students have been presently put at the Old University Campus at Canal Road. The Canal Road campus is certainly comparatively smaller but it’s lush green garden, good sports facilities, well equipped gym, good classrooms etc make up for this limitation.

All the classrooms are air conditioned and are enabled with a projector and black board. The hostels are also fairly good where all the basic necessities are taken care of. The food menu at the mess has also been carefully designed to ensure that the students get a healthy diet and nutrition is not compromised with the ongoing hectic schedules. The IIM Jammu library also is easily accessible to the students and their online database is extremely helpful.

Talking about the campus life, the classes schedule is quite rigorous which keeps the students very busy throughout the day. However, I think the small Nescafe shop here is a respite for all of us and also a major life saver on days when we find the task of being awake in class really daunting. The life of an IPM student here is filled with excitement, challenges and some fun times. Moreover, the most important learning is that everything in life comes with a pinch of salt, and getting the salt to sugar ratio right is I guess the most challenging yet thrilling task.

Activities and events happening at Campus

The canal road campus is an extremely lively campus. Unofficial sports events like MBA vs IPM badminton matches and cricket matches are like a constant here. What is even more fun is that fact that the match timings are 11 pm or 11.30 pm! Almost everything on campus is run by students.

There are various committees and clubs at IIM Jammu like the entrepreneurship development cell, the infrastructure committee, sports committee, Vakta club, finance club etc. All these clubs and committees conduct various competitions and fun events which gives students numerous opportunities to showcase their skills and pursue their interests. There are various seminars, guest lectures which are like an everyday affair at the campus at IIM Jammu.

Daily Schedule

A normal day of an IPM student at IIM Jammu starts at 8.00 in the morning. The mess timings for breakfast are from 7.30 to 9.30 am, so we get half an hour for breakfast before we have to run to class for the first lecture of the day. Each class is roughly for an hour. One thing which I can totally vouch for is that the offline teaching- learning process is much more effective than the online setup.

This happens because in the offline set up there is little scope for zoning out during the lecture and since you’re not just staring at a screen it makes the class much more interesting. The classes go on till evening 4 or 5 depending on the time table for the day. Post classes the time generally goes in attending meetings or seminars or in sports activities. The multiple assignments, projects and group activities often keep the students occupied.


The discipline factor at IIM Jammu is taken very seriously. The director of IIM Jammu Dr. BS Sahay too always talks about how important it is for the students to abide by the rules and regulations of the institute. The idea behind instilling the quality of discipline in students is to make sure that even in times of difficulty they will be able to get through it because of the disciplined life at IPM Jammu they follow.

To conclude I would just like to say that the life at IPM Jammu isn’t going to be all fun and games and a cake walk at all times. It will have its own challenges and difficulties. But what will get you through all those times is the attitude of being able to make order out of chaos. It is very important to find happiness in the little thigs of life. Whether it is having a good conversation with friends over a meal or having a fun time doing some recreational activity, it is important to keep your mind active and healthy at all times.  

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