Life at IPM IIM Indore – Fun or Burdensome?

Life at IIM Indore IPM

We often look for good educational institutions and colleges because not only do they offer us quality education, but they offer us a whole experience. The life at IPM IIM Indore is a rollercoaster ride full of fun, stress and a ton assignments. Right from the quality of the faculty to excellent infrastructural facilities and extra-curricular learning opportunities, all of it collectively adds to getting a good education. IIM Indore was established 26 years ago and still today it stands to be one of the best B-schools in India.

Through this blog, I will take you through the life at IPM IIM Indore programme. IIM Indore started its IPM course 10 years ago in 2011. The IPM course is a five-year integrated course in management that allows students who have just cleared their 12th standard to get admission into an IIM.

Selection Process

The selection process at IIM Indore IPM course consists of the following:

• The candidates have to appear for the IPMAT aptitude test conducted by IIM Indore. The test has sectional cut-offs, so the candidates have to clear the cut-offs for all three sections in order to clear the IPMAT 

• The 10th and 12th marks of the students are also taken into consideration along with the IPMAT score.

• The next step is the personal interview round. Until 2019, the institute conducted the WAT (Written Ability Test). However, for the past two years, that is, 2020 and 2021, no written ability test has been conducted. 

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Campus life at IPM IIM Indore

The life at IPM IIM Indore can be said to be a mixture of fun, a lot of studies, project deadlines, unpredictable quizzes, guest lectures and seminars. The morning to the evening schedule of the students keeps them busy almost all day.

One key thing about student life here is the amount of unpredictability there is. On some days you might be flooded with work and assignments and deadlines, while on other days there’ll be lots of time to maybe watch a series or just do nothing.

The culture at all IIMs is that everything is student-run. The faculty members are just there to guide the students. The same applies to IIM Indore too. This is especially helpful for the IPM students here as they get hands-on experience on how to manage various things at a very early stage. 


Infrastructural Facilities

Talking about the infrastructural facilities at IIM Indore, the institute has modern air-conditioned classrooms equipped with all modern teaching aids. The sports facilities are also very good as there is a swimming pool, table tennis court, gymnasiums, volleyball courts, badminton courts etc. The institute also takes pride in its IT infrastructure and IIM Indore learning centre. 

Rigour of Life Of IPM Students At IIM Indore

IIMs are known for their rigour and IIM Indore is no exception. In the beginning, everything may seem a little too much and overwhelming with hundreds of assignments, project submissions, quizzes, impromptu presentations and the studies. But slowly and steadily you learn to find ways to relax in between the crazy schedules. 

You learn to have fun while you’re desperately trying to meet your deadlines. It is often said that teachers in higher education aren’t teachers, instead, they are facilitators. Apart from the academic rigour the club activities, guest lectures and seminars keep the students occupied at all times

Annual Cultural Fest : Atharv

Atharv is IIM Indore’s annual management and cultural fest organized by the IPM students. Every year there is a theme for Atharv year in 2022 the theme was ‘Healing with Harmony’. This year it was a three-day event that saw the participation of almost 1500 students competing in around 30 events. It was organized in an online mode. The theme of the fest itself spoke volumes about what the IPM batch at IIM Indore wanted to convey and portray to the audience.

The past two years with the first and the second wave of the covid19 pandemic made the lives of the people miserable. With so much agony and hurt in the world, Atharv was an attempt by the IPM students to help the people overcome their agony and pain by immersing themselves in dance, music and the various business and economics-related games and competitions. Atharv also has some really exciting events like the Vanity, photography and filmmaking related events, street play event etc. 

The plethora of activities and events conducted under Atharv is an attempt to get the best minds of the country together and give them a taste of the rigour IIM Indore endorses. 

Ranbhoomi : Annual National Level Sports Fest

The Hindi word ‘Ranbhoomi’ means the battlefield and it’s a very apposite title for the annual sports fest of IIM Indore. The sports arena is just like the battlefield. There are some rules and regulations in both and yet the participants are fierce and competitive.

There are various sports events conducted in the three-day fest like- Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Chess and even Arm-wrestling. Ranbhoomi is an attempt to bring out the competitive yet ethical spirit among the participants and as they say that the lessons you learn while playing a sport are not just sports or game lessons, instead they are life lessons. 

Having talked about so many aspects of life at IPM IIM Indore, the key takeaway would be that the institute aims to transform the students into thought leaders and managers who can survive in the tough corporate world. Thus, life is going to be challenging but fun at the same time. The amount of learning and exposure that the students receive is unparalleled.

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