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IPMAT Previous year papers

The IPMAT is an exam conducted by IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak to admit students into their IPM course. IIM Indore was the first IIM to start an undergraduate program called the IPM (Integrated Program in Management). Cracking IPMAT is not an easy task by any means and you need to have proper exposure to IPMAT previous year papers to properly understand the level of questions. The IPMAT exam is certainly not as tough as the CAT exam which is conducted by the IIMs for the MBA program, but for an undergraduate level course the IPMAT is equivalent to the CAT.

If we talk about the study material which we could use for the IPMAT, there are a lot of reference books and practice questions available. However, I strongly feel that the most important resource is the IPMAT previous year’s papers.

Benefits of IPMAT Previous year Papers

We have often seen and heard that in order to fully prepare for any exam paper solving is the most important thing. This holds even when it comes to competitive exams. The following would be the benefits you could gain by solving IPMAT previous year’s papers:

  • When you solve the papers in a simulated environment, it helps you understand whether or not you can perform well under time pressure.
  • It will give you a basic idea about the level and diversity of questions being asked in the exam.
  • It will slowly and steadily help in increasing your confidence.
  • You will be able to devise your strategy of attempting questions only when you solve the IPMAT previous year’s papers.
  • You would be able to understand the important topics which are being covered by the different questions, which would, in turn, help you in understanding your level of preparation.
  • You would also be able to identify your strong and weak areas and accordingly work towards improving your performance.

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IPMAT Sample Papers

The pattern of the IPMAT exam undergoes some changes all the time. The important thing is to always be up-to-date with these changes. Understanding the paper pattern is the first and the most important step when it comes to competitive exams. The sample papers would help you get an idea of how the paper pattern is and what are the different question types or categories being asked in the exam.

Right from the initial stages of your preparation you should try and solve sample papers after completing a few sets of topics from different sections as it will tell you whether or not your preparation is going in the right direction.
Moreover, sample papers are the papers which are released by the IIMs before the actual exam to give students a slight idea or you can call a heads up on what they can expect from the IPMAT exam questions.
You can refer to the following link to download the IPMAT sample paper 2016

Why Should you practice IPMAT Sample Papers?

Here are some points to justify why you should practice the IPMAT sample papers:

  • As we talked about in the previous section, the IIMs release their sample papers for the reference of the candidates every year before the exam. There is no better source to understand the paper pattern and type of questions for that year than the sample papers.
  • The questions being asked in the sample paper may not necessarily be a part of the main paper, however, the question type is likely to be the same.
  • The sample papers would help you to understand the time you need to devote to various sections and it will also help you in developing your strategy for the paper.
  • Moreover, solving the papers would act as a motivating factor as it would reassure you that your preparation is going in the right direction.

IPMAT Rohtak Sample Papers

The IPMAT exam of IIM Rohtak tests the students on three areas namely: mathematics, logical reasoning and verbal ability. Forgiving the IPMAT exam the students must be well versed with the syllabus, the paper pattern, the type of questions being asked, the time allotted for all the questions etc.
The institute releases the sample papers for the IPMAT each year to give the students a heads up on what they can expect from a particular year’s paper.

The IPMAT paper of IIM Rohtak is quite a lengthy paper in terms of the number of questions, but the time is still limited. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to practice the sample papers which are released by the institute.

I believe that for any examination to do well, apart from studying the paper pattern, practicing questions from various reference books, question handouts etc, solving sample papers or previous papers is extremely important. Which is why it is recommended that you don’t ignore IPMAT Previous Year Papers. All you need is focus, perseverance and the drive to work hard no matter what may transpire and then you’ll be able to achieve all your goals.

Download IPMAT Rohtak Sample Paper

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