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IPMAT Cut offs

IPM interview is a great learning experience for any student who gets shortlisted, but it’s not for everyone. Less than 4% of the students who appear for IPMAT gets shortlisted for Interview. Let’s take a look at IPMAT Cut offs and analyse what it takes to be eligible to appear in front of the elite panellist of IIMs.

IPMAT Cut off IIM Indore 2021

Here is the detailed IPMAT cut-offs that was officially released by IIM Indore in 2021:

CategoryQuantitative Ability SAQuantitative Ability MCQVerbal Ability

Important Pointers regarding IPMAT Cut off IIM Indore:

Don’t be misguided by the low numbers: I know the IPMAT cut off numbers presented in this table seem to be low, and you may be scoring much higher than this in your mocks, but make no mistake giving the mock test, and a paper in real life are two completely different things. Also, most of the mock test series present in the market are no way near the actual difficulty of IPMAT Indore. 

Sectional cut-offs are the real deal: The primary reason the cut-off marks for IPMAT Indore appear to be very low is because of sectional cut-offs. Sectional Cut-offs mean you will have to score a minimum spot in each section. Your overall score will be of no value if you miss one of the sectional cut-offs. This is a bit tricky.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of students, brilliant students would have an overall score of 150, but they missed out on sectional cut-offs by 3-4 marks. The key to this is understanding. We all have our strong and weak areas, but most of the time, we ignore our weak parts to believe that we will cover this through strong sections.

Please don’t underestimate the Verbal section: Most students spend 80% of their preparation time on Quantitative aptitude and hardly devote any serious attention to the verbal sections. But let me tell you, Verbal ability is the ultimate game-changer. Remember we mentioned that many students miss the sectional cut-offs; the Verbal Ability section is the biggest reason. I know that most of you think that your English is good enough to ace the Verbal section, but that’s the case with most of the aspirants, and that’s why the sectional cut-offs for the verbal section are significantly higher. Allot proper time and attention to the verbal section. 

Paper pattern – Now, IIM Indore don’t change paper patterns frequently, but they do change the weightage given to different topics. This is important because if your strong topics don’t appear in the Short Answer QA section, you are in for a bad day. Also, last year, the IIM Indore asked two Logical reasoning-based Data interpretations Questions in the 2nd section, which were never asked in IPMAT before 2021. IIM Indore always tries to create competitive apers that test your Intelligence and pressure handling capability, so make sure you are prepared for surprises. 


IPMAT Rohtak Cut off 2021 | IPM Rohtak Cut offs 2021

Here is the detailed IPMAT cut offs that was officially released by IIM Rohtak in 2021:

CategoryCut Off

Important Pointers regarding IPMAT Cut off Rohtak:

Easy questions but not an easy paper: If you have gone through previous year\’s papers or sample papers of IPMAT Rohtak, you may already be aware that the questions asked in IPMAT Rohtak are pretty easy as compared to IPMAT Indore; that does not necessarily imply that IPMAT Rohtak is easier than IPMAT Indore. While IPMAT Indore tests your question-solving skills, IPMAT Rohtak tests your Time management skills. This is also evident in the IPMAT Rohtak cut-offs, which are sky-high. Also, IPMAT Rohtak does not have a sectional cut-off; that is also the reason behind the sky-high IPMAT Rohtak cut-offs.

IPMAT Cut off 2020

CategoryQuantitative Aptitude (SA)Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ)Verbal Ability

IPMAT Cut off 2019

CategoryQuantitative AptitudeQuantitative Aptitude (Non- MCQ)Verbal Ability
Scheduled Caste16448
Scheduled Tribe8024
PwD (DA)8024

IPMAT Rohtak Cut off 2019

Category of CandidateMCQs Cutoff Marks
Schedule Caste157
Schedule Tribe141

IPMAT Cut off 2018

CategoryQAVAFemaleMaleTotal ApplicantsMinimum ScoreMaximum Score

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