IPM Waitlist Movement Explained | IIM Indore IPM Waitlist Movement Analysis 2022

IPM Waitlist movement

So let’s say you prepared wholeheartedly for IPMAT. You aced the paper. You are now shortlisted for the interview and performed decently there too. Now the results are out and it is showing waitlisted. Wait! what does that mean? Will you get into your dream college or not? It all depends on the IPM waitlist.

We all have been there and honestly, this phase sucks. You will be scanning through Quora for hours just to find the right information and reliable results. We have heard you, to help you out we are providing you with some estimates of IPM Waitlist movement so that you can refer to get a better idea and make a more informed decision.

Note: This numbers are just rough estimates complied after getting in touch with different IPM students belonging to different categories. Don’t rely on this completely, this can vary in the coming years as IPM gains more popularity and there are some changes that occur in how the IPM waitlist moves.

IIM Indore is hands down one of the best options available at the UG level. You get to spend 5 years on one of the best campuses in the country with some of the best minds. It is hard to believe that anyone who gets admitted to IIM Indore rejects it, But yeah, many students do leave IIM Indore. There can be many reasons for it.

Why some students decline IPM Admission offer letter?

Selection in IITs: Many serious JEE Aspirants have started to appear for IPMAT just in case they could not get a core stream in old IITs. Their first preference is always IITs, so in case they make it to their preferred college and course, they often reject the IPM provisional offer letter.

Financial Constraint: IIM is indeed a brand name, but paying 35 lakh is a daunting task for 99.5 per cent of families in India. Moreover, it puts heavy financial stress on the family and thus many students soft for other affordable options and prepare for CAT after their bachelor\’s.

SSCBS, SRCC: A good chunk of students who make it to the final shortlist of IIM Indore also get admission offer from SSCBS and SRCC. Now you may think, why join these 3-year programmes and again appear for CAT and do the hard work when you can just join IPM? But many students have their sight set on IIM A, B, and C. This makes SRCC and SSCBS the best option because you get a premier college at a lower price. Moreover, you can enrol in any coaching in your second year and start your CAT Preparation.

IIM Indore IPM Waitlist Movement

CategorySeatsLast Category Waitlist Rank

*Not enough Data Available.

The category rank is calculated by including all the students in their category (i.e., those who have been given offer letter in the first list too)

Note: These numbers are just rough estimates complied after getting in touch with different IPM students belonging to different categories. Don\’t rely on this completely. These numbers can vary in the coming years as IPM gains more popularity. 


IIM Rohtak IPM Waitlist Movement 

To get a rough estimate of IPM waitlist movement in IIM Rohtak: you have a good chance of getting the final offer letter if you are in the 1X range of stipulated category seats. For example, if there are 60 seats in the general category and your category waitlist rank is under 120, you have a solid chance of getting the offer letter. The waitlist for IIM Rohtak is a bit difficult to predict. Sometimes there is a lot of movement, and sometimes there isn\’t.

IIM Ranchi IPM Waitlist Movement 

Since IIM Ranchi just released their IPM Programme in 2021, there is insufficient data. The waitlist movement is likely to be more than IIM Rohtak.
We will update this blog before the results of IPMAT 2022 to give you a clearer picture.

We are constantly updating the data so by the time first shortlist is announced for 2022 batch, we will provide you more accurate estimates. Stay tuned with IPM Radar.

To check out the total intake of different IIMs visit our blog – Total IPM Seats in 5 IIMs.

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