9+ IPM Rohtak Interview Experiences

IIM Rohtak IPM Interview Experience

Personal Interviews(PI) are part of most top B-schools’ selection process and IIM Rohtak is no exception. PI is a crucial stage and carries 15% weightage in the Rohtak IPM programme selection process. The candidates are expected to be confident, witty and able to think on their feet.

The questions vary from academics to sports and local issues to international ones, which is why the preparation of an IIM IPM interview can feel like attempting to read & remember everything under the sun. However, it need not be that way. With proper preparation and exposure to different topics one can be confident that everything will be fine.

We at IPM radar, have made a list of IPM Rohtak Interview Experiences, submitted to us by the candidates who appeared in them (within the last 4 years), in order give IPM aspirants an idea about what an IIM Rohtak interview is like.

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #1

My academic profile – 

10 th – 92%

12 th – 96%

Extracurriculars – NCC and some school sports competitions

I belong to the commerce stream, and a lot of questions were based on academics. Here’s my interview experience:

(There were two panellists, one man and one woman)

(i) Tell us about your academic scores.

(ii) Why IPM?

(iii) Extempore – Problems in the Indian economy and its solutions

(iv) What are the differences between the cost sheet and the balance sheet?

(v) What are the differences between the balance sheet and the statement of p/i?

(vi) What is the current ratio?

Then, I was asked to show my extracurricular certificates and if I had any National NCC certificates, to which I showed them my national scouts and guide one. One of the panelists complimented me on it, and we moved on.

(vii) Who is the governor of India?

(viii) Who is the Deputy CM of your home state?

IIM Rohtak interview. Commerce student. Academic profile – 10th – 89%, 12th – 95%

Extracurricular – Badminton state and national level participation and a couple of debate competitions won at the school level.

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #2

The questions asked to me in my IPM Rohtak interview were as follows –

  • 1. Extempore on online study
  • 2. What were your favourite subjects in school?
  • 3. Why IPM? How will it help you achieve your career goals?
  • 4. What are the golden rules of accounting?
  • 5. What is the importance of trial balance?
  • 6. Explain Giffen goods with examples
  • 7. What is GDP, and why is it different than GNP?
  • 8. Do you think the “Ban China” sentiment will work as intended, or will it lose its effect soon?
  • 9. Where do you live, and what sort of industries are there?
  • 10. Who is the CEO of OYO?

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #3

  • Extempore on Mental health.
  • Intro
  • Show your certificates and 10 th and 12 th mark sheets to the camera.
  • What is an exception to the law of demand? Give examples.
  • Take one minute and give pros and cons on the topic of ‘online education
  • What are the ‘seven sister states?
  • Who is the current CM of Assam?
  • Who was the first CM of Assam?

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #4

Started with the Intro, then moved on to an extempore topic – ‘Disaster management. There were a lot of cross-questions from academics; they asked a lot of physics-related questions on topics such as work and energy. I was comfortable with academics and therefore thought that the interview was heading in a positive direction. But after that, they slightly changed the subject by moving to Olympics, merging it with physics, and asking a few questions. After that discussion, there came the G.K. part.

They first asked me about Delhi monuments, Delhi ministers, and sports news. Then, they asked about ‘the first president of India,’ ‘current vice president,’ ‘current Lok sabha speaker,’ ‘difference between Rajya sabha and Lok sabha’ and the number of seats in each of them. After that, they greeted me and ended the interview.

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #5

I am a PCM student; my academic profile is 10th – 90%, 12th – 89%, and I’d like to share my interview experience. It started with document verification (i had to show everything to the camera because it was in online mode), after which one of the two panelists asked me for my introduction. I had prepared for it a while ago, and by the time of the interview, I had internalized it well.

A short introduction highlighted all my achievements, hobbies, and interests. Then, I was presented with an extempore topic, “Is cricket overrated in India?”. I immediately wanted to start to speak but stopped myself as I didn’t have a proper structure in mind. I asked for some time to think, and after about 30 to 40 seconds, I gave a well-structured answer. Some of the questions that I remember from my interview are: 

  • Which country holds second place in stock market capitalization?
  • Who is the highest taxpayer from the Private industry?
  • Which Industry is he part of?
  • Difference between reflection and refraction.
  • Why does the sky appear red at the time of sunset and sunrise?
  • Integration of tan x. 
  • What are the values of log0, log1, and log100?

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #6

  • What are your 10th and 12th percentage. 
  • Extempore on disinvestment of public sector.
  • What is the difference between GDP and GNP?
  • What is break-even point in micro economics and macro economics
  • What causes shift in demand curve
  • What are the factors effecting price elasticity (I was not able to answer completely)
  • Why Jaipur is known as pink city.(aspirant is from Jaipur)
  • What do you think about
    a. Prashant Bhushan case
    b. NEP 2020
  • Tell something about extra co-circular activities.
  • Verify your documents.

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #7

My academic profile – 

10 th – 97%

12 th – 94.8 %

I am a math background student and appeared for my IIM interview a few days ago, and this is how it went : 

One panelist greeted me and gave me an extempore topic straight away it was “My dream job”. I spoke for about a minute or two and then was presented another question – “What is your favorite subject?”; I told them it was maths. Second panelist asked me a few questions from the subject, some of which were – “What is the real-life use of Pythagoras theorem?”, “What is the value of Cot 90?” and differentiation of Sin inverse x?, all of which I answered, except one “Why do we study derivative,” to which I simply had to reply that I did not know exactly why and that the books never gave us the reason behind it or its real-world applications. 

Then asked me the following questions, “How many states are there in India?”, “Name the state which was most recently formed,” “Name of the sea near Kerala” I answered 2 of the three questions, and then the interview came to a stop; I’d say it was okay but could have gone better.

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #8

  • I just had the interview for IPM, and here is the list of questions asked to me :
  • 1. Extempore on Binge watching.
  • 2. Introduction 
  • 3. How many types of classical dance are there in India?
  • 4. The origin places of those dance forms.
  • 5. What is the place that you live famous for?
  • (I am from Himachal Pradesh)
  • 6. What do you think about the impact on tourism due to Covid in Himachal Pradesh?
  • 7. How did you practice your hobbies during the lockdown period?
  • 8. Explain the law of DMU with examples.
  • 9. What are the differences between parallelogram and rhombus?

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #9

  • I had my interview for IIMR a few days ago, and I am ready to share my experience with everyone –  
  • There were two panelists in my interview, both male(named m1 and m2 for brevity). 
  • M1 – Introduce yourself?
  • M1 – What subjects did you study in school?
  • M1 – What were your scores in the 10th and 12th standards?
  • M1 – Extempore “Should zoos be done away?”
  • M2 – What is your place famous for?
  • M2 – Why is Punjab called Punjab?
  • M2 – Which is the largest of all the five rivers in Punjab?
  • M2 – States with which Punjab shares its boundary?

IPM Rohtak Interview Experience #10

  • My interview experience at IIMR for the IPM programme was as follows:
  • 1. I Asked for my class 10th and 12th mark sheet.
  • 2. Extempore “Privatization in railways.”
  • 3. Explain the cash flow statement.
  • 4. How to calculate net profit?
  • 5. Define monopolistic competition.
  • 6. Which states of India does the tropic of cancer pass through?
  • 7. Which river is called ‘Sorrow of Bihar’?
  • 8. Tell me the taglines of reliance industries, Mercedes Benz, and Axis bank.

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