5+ IPM Ranchi Interview Experiences

IIM Ranchi IPM Interview Experience

The Personal interview (PI) round is the last chance for an aspirant to make his mark. One must make sure that it is treated with as much sincerity as the entrance test; as it will not make any difference whether you fail to perform in the entrance test or at the very end that is the PI, since the end result will be exactly the same as far as the selection process is concerned. If you were not selected for admission, then you might as well have failed entirely as you won’t be part of an IIM either way.

Cracking an IIM Ranchi IPM interview is no easy task but certainly not impossible, all you need to do is understand the motive behind it as well as the what your objectives are, for the interview. The interviews typically start with simple topics to get you comfortable and then move on to difficult ones depending on your academics, extra curriculars, work experience, etc. With all of that out of the way, let’s look at some IPM Ranchi Interview Experiences to get a better idea of the same.

IPM Ranchi Interview Experience #1

My IIM interview: There were 2 panellists, one old man and one relatively young woman (mentioned as M and F, respectively, from here onwards.). The interview itself was not that long in terms of time duration but felt quite lengthy because of all the stress perhaps, and because I think I got grilled from the start, and there were so many complicated questions thrown at me. 

First of all, they greeted me and asked to see my certificates and academic mark sheets. I am a state-level table tennis and chess participant, while my 10th and 12th scores are 98% and 96%, respectively. After that, they began with the questions, which were as follows :

  • M: How many types of chemical bonds are there? Name them.
  • M: What does the 2nd law of thermodynamics state?
  • M: What does the zeroth law of thermodynamics state?
  • M: Principal on which aircraft are based.
  • F: Can you tell us about the different forms of Iron and which of them are the worst and best quality?
  • F: What is the difference between a catalyst and a promoter?
  • F: Describe the industrial process of creating ammonia.
  • F: What are non-reactive elements? Give some examples.

IPM Ranchi Interview Experience #2

These are the questions asked to me in my IPM Ranchi Interview experience.

Morning slot. Two panellists, lets call them P1 and P2

P1: How about you start by telling us something about yourself?

Did fluently 

P1: What is Coulomb\’s law?

Answered correctly.

P1: What is the definition of Pi?

Answered correctly.

P1: What is the definition of sine?

Answered correctly.

P1: What formula would you use to calculate the triangle\’s area if three vertices were given?

Answered correctly.

P1: What is the square root of nine?

I could not answer.

P2: Who is the governor of Delhi?

Answered correctly.

P2: Who is the deputy CM of Delhi?

I could not answer that.

P2: Name any two women CM of India.

Gave one name.

P2: Who is the M.P. of the place where you reside?

Answered correctly.

IPM Ranchi Interview Experience #3

I recently had my interview, and it was a lot more lengthy than I thought it would be and also very hard. I entered the interview with two panelists present there. I greeted them, and they did the same. First, there was the document verification process which barely took any time; then, one of the panelists asked me to introduce myself. I gave a brief intro in about 200 words, after which that same panelist began asking the questions.

First, he asked me about physics topics such as Newton\’s second law, Carnot engine, work, energy, etc. I was fumbling a little but got my point across nonetheless. Secondly, he asked me about some maths topics such as cost function, log, inequalities, etc. I. answered the majority of the questions correctly but got very nervous by this point because I was feeling the pressure of the situation.

The other panelist began asking the questions and asked me first to give my thoughts on \”are government servants free?\” I gave my opinion and some examples but could not speak much on the topic as I should have. Then, he asked me about G.K., and his first question was, who is the main person in Lok sabha and Rajya sabha? Which I, fortunately, knew about.

His second question was, who is the president of India and then he asked me about a few states and their capitals, after which he asked me if I knew which language is spoken in Karnataka? I answered all of these questions except for one, which was the last one. I was then asked about my achievements, and there were a few cross-questions that were not too difficult, and then the interview was ended by the panelists.

IPM Ranchi Interview Experience #4

  • I recently gave my IPM interview for IIM Ranchi. I was asked the following questions:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Which school did you study in, and how was your experience?
  • What are your academic scores?
  • What is the function of blood vessels in the body?
  • What is superposition?
  • Explain the equation e=mc^2
  • What is the full form of NASA?
  • What can you tell us about India and China conflict?
  • You are at the top of a skyscraper, can you calculate its height with the help of only a stopwatch and a pen, and if so, how?
  • What were the extracurricular activities you took part in school?

IPM Ranchi Interview Experience #5

I am a commerce background student studying at D.U. Here is my academic profile – 

10th: 91%

12th: 95%

Extracurriculars: Competed in state-level and national sports competitions multiple times.

There were two panelists, one male (m) and one female(f).

  • F- Introduce yourself.
  • F – Show us your certificates and mark sheets.
  • F – What is the width of a cricket pitch?
  • F – What is DRS?
  • M – Some academic questions on Maths
  • m – Which place is called \’sorrow of Bihar\’?
  • M – Can you name the presidential nominees of the U.S.?
  • M – Name the union territories?
  • M – How is a union territory different than a state?
  • M – Will you drop from D.U. If selected for IPM?

IPM Ranchi Interview Experience #6

So I just completed my interview. They asked me for my introduction and academic scores straightway. After providing what was asked, they started to ask questions related to academics. I was asked \’What is repo rate,\’ \’law of diminishing M.U.\’ and explain \’T.U. and M.U. curves,\’ which I answered accurately and briefly. Then, they moved on to other topics, \’Where is the river Nile,\’ \’What is the Brazilian currency.\’

Then, as I am from Madhya Pradesh, they asked me, \’Number of districts in M.P.,\’ \’Number of members of parliament from M.P..\’ I could answer only one of those two questions, and we moved on; they asked me what my father\’s occupation was, and I told them about my family business which was followed up by a few questions on it. In the end, they asked me how getting accepted at IIM would help me pursue my goals, and that was it.

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