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IPM Interview Preparation Strategy

IPM interview is the second step to filter students for admission into the IPM program at IIMs. This is the round where aspirants can break it or make it into their dream universities. Although the process seems complicated, one can excel with proper preparation and practice. Here are some IPM interview tips to help you out –

Starting the IPM Interview Preparation:

There are a few commonly asked questions in the IPM interview, including \”introduce yourself,\” \”why IPM?\” etc. Having a well-crafted response helps answer confidently and leads the interview to the desired path.

Start speaking:

This might be one of those tips that you have never heard about, but let us assure you it is one of the most important ones you will come across. There is a round of extempore in the IPM Rohtak interview and to excel in this, we recommend you select any random topic every day and speak on it for a minute; by doing this, fluency and confidence build over time.

Keeping your knowledge up-to-date:

Make sure that you are aware of the significant happenings around you. Inculcate reading newspapers every day to nail the general knowledge questions. This is one of the most important and popular tips for almost any interview. To get started you can visit the below mentioned links to some of the newspapers that we can confidently recommend:



Take mock interviews:

Perhaps the most underrated among all the IPM interview tips that you will receive, but believe us nothing will help you more, than taking multiple mock interviews. They will help you in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Mock interviews provide the interview experience and allow the candidate to get used to that environment. Because of this, the chances of forgetting the information due to anxiety or stress, reduce to a greater extent.

Know yourself:

\”When people know enough about themselves, there is no need to pretend.\”
Make a list of your achievements, strengths, interests, and goals. Mentioning them in the IPM interview reflects your personality as well as your abilities.

Acing the personal questions:

One of the first questions faced by the candidate is the personal question. These commonly include questions about self-introduction, personal interests, hobbies, etc… Here, the student gets a fair chance to drift the interview to the side of their interest. The sincerity and the originality in your answer make a significant impact on the interview panel. So, try your best possible to take advantage of it. Simply being proactive is perhaps the best of all tips we can give you.

Surviving the academic grill

IPM interviews are incomplete without grilling on academic questions. It is not even a exagereation to say that this might be the most important of all IPM interview tips you will come accross – One must absolutely have a strong grip on the subjects they studied in 10th and 12th grade. Usually, the panel enquires about the favourite subject and questions about relevant topics. So, be prepared for the same.

Confidence is the key:

Confidence is a crucial feature that the panelists search for in a candidate. When you are sure about an answer, be confident about it no matter how often the interviewer confuses you. Flipping the answer frequently reflects lower confidence levels, thereby resulting in an undesirable impression. So, avoid doing that.

Be honest:

One of the critical aspects that the interview panel checks is the candidate\’s honesty. Pretending to know something you don\’t is not advisable as the panel members will get to know about it soon. Only answer the questions you know, or you feel confident enough. The word \’only\’ is of greater significance here. In case you face any question you don\’t know, reply by saying, \”I\’m sorry, I don\’t know about it\” or \”I don\’t know about it, but I will work on it.\” Answering this way reflects your honesty and willingness to know and learn about new things.
Always remember that the panelists prefer to hear \”I\’m sorry, I don\’t know about it\” than a dishonest answer.

Be yourself:

Don\’t ever try to portray yourself as someone you are not. The panelists are well experienced and can quickly notice the pretentious nature. This will show a lack of originality which, again, is a thing you should avoid. After listening to others and their interview experiences you might get an impression that you are supposed to exaggerate as much as possible but that is not the case. You might receive such advice in the form of tips from friends and family but we recommend you ignore it and present your true self.

Don\’t be overconfident:

There is a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence. While being confident is always encouraged and appreciated, being overconfident is neither encouraged nor appreciated. Don\’t try to boast about yourself too much. Instead, be sure and polite.

Question for the panel:

The last but not the least among our IPM interview tips and this is one of the finer points to keep in mind about the interview, but remember that if the panel asks you whether you have any questions for them, you should always answer in the affirmative. The typical closing interview question includes \”Do you have any questions for us?\”
The worst possible answer you could ever give is \’no.\’
Ask the panelists about the campus, alumnus, etc… this shows that you are inquisitive and receptive.

We hope that the above tips will help you excel in the IPM Interview. For reading students’ IPM interview experiences click here . Hope to see you at the IIM campus soon!

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