IPM Interview Questions: Full List

IPM Interview Questions

IPM Interview Questions (Mathematics)

  • Key Trigonometry Formulas
  • Integration and Differentiation formulas.
  • Even Function
  • Odd Function
  • Graph of X^2. X^3 and 1/X
  • When a function is discontinued (cross-questions also)
  • Cot 90 value
  • Properties of definite integrals
  • 4 letters and 5 envelopes. How will you manage them?
  • Square root of 0.91
  • Equation of a straight line
  • Definition of pie
  • Three formulas of the area of a triangle
  • Is there any day dedicated to Mathematics, and if yes, then
  • dedicated to Mathematician?

IPM Interview Questions (Chemistry)

  • Reaction (Catalyst)
  • Lanthanides and actinides
  • Mercury symbol
  • Function of heart
  • About vessels that pump in and out of the heart
  • Formula of glucose
  • Different forms of iron. Purest and worst quality
  • Differentiate between catalyst and promoter
  • Industrial process of creating ammonia reaction and name
  • Non-reactive elements

IPM Interview Questions (Physics)

  • Capacitor and Resistor (practical applications also)
  • The right-hand thumb rule
  • Lenz\’s Law
  • Difference between Pressure and Thrust
  • Superposition
  • What difference between speed and velocity?
  • Explain E=mc2
  • What is the value of mass*acceleration?
  • How does the earth behave as a magnet
  • Relation between kinetic and potential energy
  • Ampere Circuital law
  • Colors of Rainbow
  • Coulombs law
  • Laws of thermodynamics
  • Total internal reflection

IPM Interview Questions (Commerce)

  • What is the difference between GNP and GDP?
  • What do you mean by agreement?
  • How many fundamental rights, name any three?
  • Importance of trial balance
  • Can a trial balance be used to judge the accuracy of accounts?
  • Difference between cost sheet and balance sheet
  • Difference between balance sheet and statement of p/l
  • Giffen goods, name some of them
  • Draw price elasticity graph
  • Cardinal Approach
  • Cobb-Douglas Production function
  • Example of consumer surplus
  • Baumol\’s profit maximization
  • 4 Ps of marketing and apply 4 Ps of marketing for Cadbury
  • Repo rate
  • What is working capital
  • What is oligopoly
  • Name any 5 MNCs
  • Golden rules of accounting
  • Compensating errors
  • Differentiate between Act and Bill
  • Cash flow statement
  • How to calculate net profit
  • Monopolistic competition definition
  • Marginal Cost and Total Cost
  • GDP growth rate in India
  • Name Top 5 GDPs of the world
  • Law of Diminishing MU
  • TU and MU Curves
  • Explain the law of DMU with examples

IPM Interview Questions (General Awareness)

IPM Interview Questions (City)

  • Is your city famous/known for?
  • Name of MLA and MP from your city
  • Best tourist points of your city

IPM Interview Questions (State)

  • River passing through your state
  • Some History from your state
  • First CM of your state
  • Famous national park from your state
  • State animal of your state
  • Leading agriculture produces from your state
  • Leading Industry of your state

IPM Interview Questions (Country)

  • Indian army general
  • RBI Governor
  • Minister of IT
  • Minister of Commerce and Industry
  • Women in the union council of minister
  • Chairperson of Rajya Sabha
  • How many states are in India?
  • CJI of India
  • India China conflict
  • Current Vice President of India
  • What are the current contributions of Services to GDP?

IPM Interview Questions (Covid-19)

  • Cause of Covid-19?
  • Why have covid-19 cases surged in India?
  • Why the second wave proved to be more deadly
  • what is herd immunity?
  • When will Covid-19 end?
  • Social, the economic impact of Covid-19?
  • What does lockdown teach you?

IPM Interview Questions (General)

  • Today\’s Headline from Newspaper
  • National Health Policy
  • Views of NEP 2020
  • What is Social Entrepreneurship? Any Examples
  • Any of the today\’s new benefits for students
  • Indo Nepal relations
  • Where is River Nile
  • What is child labor? Schemes for child labor in India
  • Argentina capital
  • CEOs of Infosys, Microsoft, Google
  • The tagline of Reliance industry, Axis Bank, Mercedes Benz 52. sorrow

IPM Interview Questions (Miscellaneous)

  • Which country is the second number in the Stock market?
  • Highest taxpayer of India 
  • Tropic of Cancer passes through which Indian states
  • UNESCO world heritage sites from your city and states
  • Who wrote MAHABHARAT?
  • Who wrote Wealth of nations?
  • Headquarter of SAARC
  • Where is Kaziranga national park
  • Name of the sea near Kerala
  • Name of the ocean to the east of Kerala
  • Full form of ISRO
  • In which condition do Pie charts are better, and in which bar Chart
  • Constitutional Points about women\’s empowerment
  • Name the company which produces waste mercury

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