IPM Fees 2022 | Complete analysis of IPM Fees Structure

IPM Fees

IPM Fees is one of the most crucial factor in deciding whether to pursue IPM or do a bachelor\’s from any other college and then later prepare for CAT. The fees for Integrated Programme in Management from IIM can cause a burning hole in your family\’s pocket. It is comparatively higher than any other bachelor\’s courses such as B.Tech, BBA, or B.Com. 

One mistake students often make while looking at the IPM Fees Structure is that they only focus on the Tuition fees. Well, there are several other miscellaneous expenses to make an informed decision. Let us understand the costs structure of each IIM offering IPM:  

IIM Indore IPM Fees

IIM Indore is the very first IIM in the country to offer an IPM program and is the first choice of all the IPM aspirants. IIM Indore is the only old IIM among the five IIMs offering IPM.

The tuition fees for the first three years of IIM Indore IPM are 5,00,000 Per annum. Students can make the payment in three installments. The fees for the fourth and fifth will be the same as MBA students. The total fees for the first three years come out to be around 17 lakhs, and if we estimate the total expenses for the entire five-year Programme, it will cost you about 38 Lakh approximately.  


The total fees for IIM Indore IPM Programme: 37 Lakh (Approx.)

IIM Rohtak IPM Fees

IIM Rohtak was the second IIM to launch the IPM program. The tuition fees for the first year are 5,00,000, while for the second and third years are 5,50,000 per annum. The tuition fees for the fourth and fifth years are 8,95,000 per annum, which is in line with the MBA program; however, it can change depending on the MBA fees when you reach out to the 4th year. The study material charges are 20,000 per year and the mess fees per year lie in the range of 40,000-50,000 approx. So, the total fees for the five integrated programs will be around 36 Lakh.


IPM Rohtak fee structure: https://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/pdf/ipm/IPM_%20Fee%20Structure.pdf

IIM Ranchi IPM Fees 

IIM Ranchi has described the fee structure in most Detail. The tuition fees for the first three years are 3,00,000 per annum while other charges such as course material, computer and library charges, library fees, hostel fee costs 20K, 20K, 12K, and 20K per annum respectively. The fees for the fourth year and fifth years will be the same as those applicable to MBA students. 

The total fees for the first three years of IIM Ranchi IPM are around 16 Lakhs. The combined fees for the entire five-year IPM Course will be 34 Lakhs.  


IPM Ranchi fee structure: https://iimranchi.ac.in/uploads/c25f875f51d18cab4d08aaa46ae925b5.pdf

IIM Jammu IPM Fees 

IIM Jammu started its IPM course in the year 2021. It is also slated to move to its new campus soon in 2022. The course fees for the first three years are 4,85,000. IIM Jammu has not disclosed separate charges such as Computer fees, library fees, and other expenses. Mess charges have to be beard separately by the students, which will be informed to the students at the start of the academic year. 

The total fees for the first three years of IIM Jammu IPM are around 16 Lakhs. The fees for the five years will come to be approximately 29 lakhs because IIM Jammu\’s MBA fees are significantly less than Ranchi, Rohtak, and Indore\’s. 


IPM Jammu fee structure: https://www.iimj.ac.in/programs/ipm/fee_structure

IIM Bodhgaya IPM Fees 

IIM Bodhgaya has not published its fee structure in Detail. Their website reads that the first three years\’ first total fees at IIM Bodhgaya IPM will be 4.5 Lakh per Annum. This is inclusive of the hostel expenses. The tentative fees for the 4th and 5th years are 7.5 Lakh per Year. The total fees for the first-year program at IIM Bodhgaya IPM will be 28.8 lakh per year. 


IIM Bodhgaya IPM Fees : https://iimbg.ac.in/programs/ipm/ 

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