IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM, Which one is Better?

IIM Ranchi IPM vs IIM Rohtak IPM

Till last year, only IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak had IPM programs but three new IIMs are added to this list namely, IIM Ranchi, IIM Jammu, and IIM Bodhgaya. Choosing a university between IIIM Ranchi and IIM Rohtak is challenging because of the pleasing and promising programs that the institutes are providing. Through this article, we wish to put forth a comparison between IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM.

Cut-offs and Selection 

IIM Rohtak conducts an admission test called IPMAT Rohtak to shortlist the students for interviews After the interview, a merit list will be announced based on the composite score.

ComponentWeightage (%)
Aptitude Test Score45
Personal Interview (PI)15
Past Academics (10th and 12th)40 (20% each)

On the other Hand, IIM Ranchi accepts the score of IPMAT Indore and/or SAT examination scores. 

Academic Test Score50%
PI score30%
Academic Profile20%
Gender Diversity (Bonus Points)5%*

IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM Campus

IIM Rohtak is located within the national capital region of India. It takes hardly 90 minutes to reach the IIM campus from the Delhi International Airport. The campus is widespread across 200 acres and is located on the NH 10 which is well connected to the capital city.

The classrooms are air-conditioned and fully furnished. They are also equipped with multiple sliding boards and projectors. The library is the favourite spot of many students to study because of its infrastructure and vast study resources. The campus has its own football field, basketball court and badminton court and well-equipped gym.

Hostel rooms are spacious and hi-speed Wi-Fi is available on the campus.IIM Ranchi has recently shifted to its permanent campus in Dhurwa from Suchna Bhawan. Located in the City of Waterfalls, the campus is very well built with all the necessary facilities available for the students.

The classrooms are well equipped with modern technological tools and pleasant interiors and lighting. The entire academic block has high-speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity. The library of IIM Ranchi is named as Athenaeum-The Learning Resource Centre. Various books and resources covering various topics about management are available here. The hostel rooms are fully furnished and are equipped with five-star facilities. The mess and the canteen remain open for nearly 20 hours a day and the dispensary is available for medical concerns. Both the institutes have good campuses but in my opinion when comparing IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM, i think IIM Ranchi has a better campus.


In both the IIMs, each year has three terms in which various courses are covered. The details of the curriculum are as follows:

Term 1:

Ranchi- Freshman Seminar, Business Mathematics 1, Natural Sciences 1, Communication Skills 1 – Oral, Indian Literature, Business History of India

Rohtak- Microeconomics-I, Sociology-I, Statistical Methods-I, Differential Calculus-I, Introduction to IT and Systems, Introduction to Business organization & Management, Language skills in English-I

Term 2 

Ranchi- Working in Teams, Business Mathematics 2, Natural Sciences 2, Communication Skills 2 – Written, Arts Appreciation 1, Psychology

Rohtak -Macroeconomics-I, Psychology-I, Philosophy-I, Probability-I, Introduction to Accounting, Law, Language skills in English-II 

Term 3:

Ranchi- Managing Stress, Business Mathematics 3, Natural Sciences 3, Sociology, CIS – Basic Word/Excel, Arts Appreciation 2

Rohtak-Microeconomics-II, Psychology-II, Philosophy-II, Statistical Methods, Introduction to Programming, Presentation Skills, Rural/ Social Internship

Term 4 

Ranchi- Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Business Mathematics 4, Intro to Business, Microeconomics, Indian Society (Values/Culture), Intro to Programming

Rohtak – Macroeconomics-II, Psychology-III, Sociology-II, Business Algorithm and Data Structures for Information Systems, Integral Calculus, Financial Systems and Markets, Corporate Etiquettes and Image Management

Term 5

Ranchi- Creativity and Innovation, Business Ethics & CSR, Statistics 1 – (Descriptive/Probability), Fundamentals of Information Systems, Philosophy, Macroeconomics

Rohtak- Linear Algebra, Bank Management, Political Science, Sustainability: Measuring and Reporting, Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-I, Game Theory, Foreign Language-I

Term 6:

Ranchi- Professional Etiquette & Presence, Accounting 1 – Financial Accounting, Business Law, Principles of Management, Operations Research, Statistics 2 – (Inferential Statistics)

Rohtak- Numerical Analysis, IT Applications, Principles and Practices of Management, Industrial Relations, Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-II, Foreign Language-II, Immersive Project

Term 7

Ranchi- Intro to Data Science, Foreign Language, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Research Methodology, Basic Econometrics

Rohtak – Community Mental Health, Web-Based Development, Public Policy Processes and Institutions, Systems, Sustainability and Social Justice, Ethics, Visual Analysis, Foreign Language III

Term 8

Ranchi- Accounting 2 – Management Accounting, Financial Management 1, Object-Oriented Programming, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Sales/Personal Selling

Rohtak- Optimization, Business History, Computer applications in finance, Principles of Marketing, Media and Journalism, Intellectual Property Rights, Presentation Skills-2

Term 9

Ranchi- Financial Management 2, Business Analytics, Labour Law/Industrial Relations, Project Management, Strategic Management, Indian Economy, Capstone – Assessment (Pass/Fail)

Rohtak – Labour Policy, Technology Trends in Business, Business Taxes, Advertising, Stochastic Processes, Creative Writing & Public Speaking, Business Internship.

The syllabus for years 4 and 5 is the same as that of the MBA programs of the respective institutions.

IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM Fees

The total Programme Fee of the IPM Programme at IIM Rohtak is as under: 

First YearRs. 5,00,000/-
Second YearRs. 5,50,000/-
Third YearRs. 5,50,000/-
Fourth YearRs. 8,95,000/-
Fifth YearRs. 8,95,000/-
TotalRs. 33,90,000/-


The fees for the first three years of the IPM Programme in IIM Ranchi costs around Rs. 16Lakh. The fees for the next two years are the same as that of the MBA course, which is 15,30,000 Rs., therefore, when you look at the fees of IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM, you can see that they are more or less same with IIM Ranchi being the slightly better option among the two institutes.

For more details, kindly visit: 

IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM Placements

IIM Rohtak started the IPM Program three years ago and IIM Ranchi started it just a year back. So, no record of placement is available for the IPM Batch.However, one can refer to the placement record of MBA Programs or both the institutes to get a better idea.

According to the data available for the 2020- 2022 MBA batch, the institute recorded 100% placement. The highest CTC was 30 LPA whereas the average CTC stood at 15.92 LPA. Some of the recruiters were ICICI Bank, Amazon, OYO, HDFC Bank etc…

According to the placement report of IIM Ranchi for the batch 2019-2021, the highest CTC is 25.5LPA and the average CTC is 13.83 CTC. Its recruiters were Capgemini, Flipkart, KPMG, Accenture, ICICI Bank etc. So even though it is not crystal clear (because both of thses IIMs are yet to have their first IPM batch become MBA graduates), we can perhaps say that, in terms of placements of IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM, IIM Rohtak is the better alternative.

Both the institutes are equally excelling in making leaders and managers. Every student has different priorities and expectations from their college life. So, choose wisely. In my opinion, both the institutes are equally good and it is you who must make the most out of your experience at any of these institutes. I hope this article settles the debate in your mind of IIM Rohtak IPM v/s IIM Ranchi IPM.

Wishing you all the very best!

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