IIM Jammu IPM vs IIM Bodhgaya IPM, Which one is Better?

IIM Jammu IPM vs IIM Bodhgaya IPM

IIM Jammu IPM v/s IIM Bodhgaya IPM

Prior to 2021, only IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak had the IPM course for students wanting to join the IIMs after completion of 12th grade. There was a total of 240 seats for the IPM course with 120 seats in each of the institutes. However, this scenario changed in 2021 when three new IIMs that is IIM Ranchi, IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya also launched their IPM course. IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya have 60 seats each presently while IIM Ranchi has an intake of 120 students.

Although this has increased the prospects for the aspirants, it has also added to the confusion of which IIM to go for especially when it comes to the new IIMs. Now, of course, everyone can have a different reason for choosing a particular institute. It could be the place, the infrastructure, the fee structure, the placement data etc. Through this blog, I wish to give you a clear idea of IIM Jammu IPM v/s IIM Bodhgaya IPM.

Before we move any further into the topic you all need to be aware of the fact that both IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya conduct JIPMAT (Joint Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test) and the candidates have to give their preference among the two institutes.

Course Curriculum

Here I’ll talk about those courses which are different in the various semesters in IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Jammu:

Semester I :

IIM Bodhgaya – Emotional intelligence and mindfulness, Introduction to psychology, Indian and world history.

IIM Jammu – Happiness and mental wellness, Introduction to sociology, only Indian history is there in the first semester.

Semester II :

IIM Bodhgaya – Business and company law, Indian heritage and culture, the science of well-being, theatre workshop, World history. 

IIM Jammu – Introduction to psychology, Marketing management I.

Semester III :

IIM Bodhgaya – Environmental science, Operations Research, Introduction to corporate finance, Sociology, Organizational behaviour, Language and communication skills II.

IIM Jammu – Financial management, Introduction to HRM, Introduction to data analytics, Creativity and innovation, foreign language I .

From semester IV onwards the courses offered by both the institutes are pretty diverse. In semester VI the students have to choose 5 elective courses apart from the courses which are compulsory in both the institutes. To see the entire course curriculum of IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Jammu please refer to the following links 

Fee Structure

The next important thing is the fee structure of both the IIMs. 

IIM Bodhgaya 

First year4,50,000
Second year4,50,000
Third year4,50,000
Fourth year7,50,000
Fifth year7,50,000

Note: The candidates will have to bear mess charges as per the prevailing rates of IIM Bodhgaya.

IIM Jammu

First year4,85,000
Second year4,85,000
Third year4,85,000
Fourth year7,75,440
Fifth year7,80,690

When we look at the fees of IIM Jammu IPM v/s IIM Bodhgaya IPM, we can see that they are more or less same with IIM Bodhgaya being the slightly better option among the two institutes.

Infrastructure And Campus Life 

IIM Jammu has three campuses which are in operation right now. The old university campus, Canal Road is the main campus, while the other campus is in Jaluchak. A Srinagar off-campus is there which has the incubation centre of IIM Jammu. A new campus is under construction which will be the campus where the IPM batch would be accommodated. Jammu as a city is blessed by nature with its scenic beauty. It’s a safe city and would be a great place to acquire higher education.

As the culture of the IIM goes, the entire campus is run by the students. There are various committees to look after the needs of the students like the infrastructure committee, mess committee etc. The student council supervises the overall work of all the committees and clubs. 

IIM Bodhgaya too takes pride in being the epitome of versatility in instilling the qualities of togetherness in its students and broadening their horizons. Bodhgaya as you all may know is a renowned place in the history of India. Gaya was the place where Buddha is said to have attained salvation and this fact enhances the serenity and beauty of Bodhgaya.

Talking about the hostels at IIM Bodhgaya, the hostels have all the necessary infrastructure in the form of clean rooms, washrooms and a common room for the students. There are sports facilities too in the form of basketball courts and gyms to encourage students to indulge in recreational activities.  So, i guess you can say that this settles the debate on infrastructure for IIM Jammu IPM v/s IIM Bodhgaya IPM, with IIM Bodhgaya being the better one.

Both the institutes have their qualities which set them apart from each other. But what brings them together is the IIM culture of a student-driven institution. This is a very important aspect of any IIM you go to. All the events and activities happening in the institute are undertaken by the students and the faculty members only supervise the events. This gives the students hands-on experience in management, which becomes a great learning experience for them.

Selection Process

The selection process of both the IIMs is more or less similar. It consists of the following steps:

• Candidates will have to appear for the JIPMAT exam.

• Both the institutes then take into consideration the 10th and 12th marks of the students along with the JIPMAT score.

• A final merit list is prepared taking into consideration both points 1 and 2. The students would be required to pay an EOI (Expression of Interest) fee of Rs. 10,000 and also have to give their preference between IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Jammu. 

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IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Jammu started their IPM program last year and so naturally, the placement data for the IPM course aren’t presently available. However, let me give you a little overview of the placements of the MBA batches. 

IIM Jammu – The institute recently completed its final placements for the MBA 05 batch and recorded 100% placements. Its recruiters were Paytm, Amazon, Infosys, KPMG, Xiaomi, Deloitte, Cognizant etc, PWC, USI, Accenture and DHL to name a few. The MBA batch of 217 students witnessed over 112 companies participating in the campus recruitment process. The highest LPA this year was 32 lakhs. 

IIM Bodhgaya – According to the data available for the 2019-21 MBA batch, the institute recorded 100% placement. The batch strength was 109. The highest CTC was 17.3 lakhs. Some of the recruiters were Tata Power, McKinsey and company, ekincare, Kale Logistics, Kotak Mahindra, KPMG etc.

I think that one can clearly see that in terms of placements of IIM Jammu IPM v/s IIM Bodhgaya IPM, IIM Bodhgaya is outperforming IIM Jammu.

What you just read, were all the facts regarding the comparison of two stellar B-schools. Which institute you choose after this, will be your decision. In my opinion, both these institutes are equally good. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Every person might have a different criterion for choosing between the two institutes. However, it is very important to always make an informed decision by taking into account all the factors. At the end of the day, you are looking to get quality education and exposure through this course, which I think both IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya are equally competent in providing.  

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