9+ IIM Indore IPM Interview Experiences

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience

Are you searching for the past year IIM Indore IPM interview experiences? Then you have come to the right place. Considered to be one of the very best in management education in India, IIM Indore is also known for one more thing, its rigorous interviews. Its gorgeous campus and exceptional placements coupled with the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that are IPMAT and PI only add to the wonder of the institute.

There is a lot of debate over what it takes to crack an IIM Indore interview and only a small amount of data as to what definitely works. Well, we at IPM radar are sure about one thing, which is that reading about the preparation & experiences of people that have actually achieved what you are dreaming of certainly helps. Which is why we bring you these IIM Indore IPM Interview experiences, collected from aspirants who appeared for their interviews within the last four years.

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #1

Location – Kolkata

Academics – 93 and 88 in 10th and 12th, respectively  

I am an NC-OBC Candidate, so I was pretty confident that I would be able to secure a seat in SSCBS, but my priority was IIM Indore. So, my interview at IIM Indore IPM went something like this  

There directly started with the question of what is your favorite subject; there was no introduction at all. I said Physics. Physics was my strong part, so I was confident that I would be able to answer all the questions. 

They asked 2-3 simple questions like what is Lenz law, what is mass x acceleration, and some other definitions. They started asking tricky questions. 

  • How Earth behaves as a magnet. 
  • The phenomenon behind the working of Airplane 
  • And some other practical questions that I had no clue of 

Then they asked me about my Interest, and I said football 

P: Which is your favorite club?

Me: Real Madrid

P: Who invented Tiki-Taka?

Me: Answered 

P: Name any 5 Indian national football players 

Me: Answered 

P: Which team will you support in the upcoming FIFA World Cup?


Sir Spain

P: Your favorite club is Barca, but most of the players in Spain are from Barcelona. 

I Wasn\’t expecting them to have such a thorough knowledge of football. I was impressed

After this, they asked me some questions about the heads of different ministries like railway, education, and others. I was able to answer some of them but not all. 

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #2

Hello aspirants, here is the story of my IPM interview experience at IIM Indore. It was half an hour-long interview. I had given the IPM Indore interview before and was waitlisted last year.

The interview started with a Common \”tell me about yourself\” question. It was followed by a series of questions related to my activities and past achievements. Since I was from PCM, the panelists started asking chemistry, physics, and maths questions. 

  • Formula of glucose
  • Difference between catalyst and promoter
  • Relation between kinetic energy and potential energy
  • Difference between Speed and Velocity

I was asked to draw the graph of the following functions 

  • e^x
  • x^3
  • 1/Tanx

I told them That I have an interest in international affairs, so they asked me some of these questions

  • How many countries are part of the UN?
  • Which was the latest country to leave the UN?
  • Which organizations come under the UN?
  • Which continent has the greatest number of Countries? 

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #3

I am a commerce plus maths background student without any significant achievements in extracurriculars, and my academic profile is as follows – 

10th standard – 91%

12th standard – 90%

I am from Banglore

My interview was online, and there were four panelists, three men and one woman, which I will mention as M1, M2, M3, and F from here on. 

  • M1: Introduce yourself.
  • M1: What are your hobbies?
  • M1: Define Lenz law?
  • M1: What is the root of 0.9?
  • M2: What is the difference between matrix and determinant?
  • M2: What are its real-world applications of it?
  • M3: How will you integrate log x?
  • M3: Draw the graph of y= -|x| on paper and show it to the camera.
  • M3: What is the value of mass acceleration?
  • M3: If you are given 4 letters and 5 envelopes, how will you arrange them?
  • F1: Extempore on Climate change?
  • F2: What extracurricular activities did you take up in school?
  •  I told them that I had learned to sing and play Flute. I was asked to perform, which I did for about 2 minutes. I was then asked a few questions about the instrument and its origin.
  • F1: What can you tell us about your hometown?
  • F2: Any recent news that you followed?

End of interview.

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #4

Just a few days ago, I had my IPM interview, and I\’m here to tell you everything that happened:

It was early morning, and I had ready logged in about 10 minutes ago, using the link sent to me(it was online). I was let in on the allotted time, and I saw three panelists, two women, and one man. One of the two ladies greeted me and asked me to introduce myself. I gave a concise introduction that included my academics, extracurriculars, and things such as hobbies and interests.

After listening to my introduction, the lady who had greeted me asked me to show my documents to the camera and then followed up with a few academics questions – \’equation of parabola,\’ equation of the straight line,\’ \’Ampere circuit law,\’ and \’chemical formula of glucose.\’ All of which I answered correctly.

Then, the other lady started to ask the questions, which were, \’name of Argentina\’s capital, \’name of the CEO of Infosys,\’ \’CEO of Google,\’ and \’name of the CEO of Microsoft.\’ Out of all these questions, I correctly answered three but did not know the name of the capital of Argentina, which I guessed and got wrong.

Then, the third panelist, who had not spoken yet, started to ask the questions; he gave an extempore topic, \’digital India.\’ I spoke for about two minutes. He then asked me \’how does Earth behave like a magnet?\’, \’the relationship between kinetic and potential energy, and \’what is condensation polymer?\’. After answering the questions, I was asked one final question: \’ How will IPM help me pursue my dreams and long-term goals?\’. I gave a detailed answer to that as I had already thought about the topic myself countless times, and after that, all of the panellists wished me luck for my future, and the interview ended.

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #5

Having recently appeared for my IIM Indore interview, I thought I\’d share a few questions that were asked to me (as many as I can recall).

  • 1. What are your academic scores?
  • 2. Draw a price elasticity graph.
  • 3. Explain the Cardinal approach.
  • 4. What is the Cobb-Douglas production function? 
  • 5. What do you know about Baumol\’s profit maximization?
  • 6. Give an example of consumer surplus.
  • 7. Which city is the capital city of Mizoram?
  • 8. Which city is the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh?
  • 9. What do you think is the most interesting fact about Indian modern history
  • 10. Highest water dam in India?
  • 11. What is one interesting fact about your city?

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #6

I appeared for an IPM interview last year. 

There were three panelists, one male, and one female.

F1 – What changes do you think should be made to Primary education?

I thought it was a tricky question and should proceed with caution. I talked about a few things I had read in an article some time ago and did not talk too much on any particular aspect of it.

F2 – Show your certificates to the camera.

Did it. I had heard this process is done at the very start, but it\’s not like the order matters or anything.

F2 – Draw the graph of x^2 and x^3.

It took me some time to correctly draw everything and give a proper answer as I hadn\’t read on the topic for a long time then, but it turned out fine.

F2 – Describe the cost function.

I was feeling confident until this point, but this question got me off track. I just could not recall it as well as give a proper answer and therefore had to suffice with whatever little I remembered on the topic.

M – Who is the union education minister?

I felt like the interview was just falling apart slowly, as I did not know the answer to this question. I simply told the panelists that I was unaware of it, and they moved on.

M – What is a bullet train?

Another topic of which I had some knowledge but not enough to give an accurate description.

M – What is the probability of getting ahead when tossing a coin three times?

I thought to myself, \’finally, a topic I am comfortable with\’; I answered briefly, and we moved on.

M – Who is the president of India?


And then the interview ended; I felt like it could have gone much better and that I missed out. 

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #7

Done with my IPM interview, and this is a list of all the questions that were asked me:

  • (i) Tell us about yourself.
  • (ii) What is the price elasticity of demand?
  • (iii) What is marginal cost?
  • (iv) Name four important ratios in commerce.
  • (v) Capital of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • (vi) Extempore on sustainability.
  • (vii) What is child labor? Which schemes are there for protection against child labor?
  • (viii) Tell me some constitutional points about women\’s empowerment.
  • (ix) Tell us about your extracurricular activities.

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #8

Just got done with my IIM interviews. These were the questions asked me in my interview: 

  • (i) Show us your documents.
  • (ii) What is your favourite subject? (I said mathematics))
  • (iii) Volume of a sphere
  • (iv) Area of cone
  • (v) Equation of hyperbola
  • (vi) Any recent news that I have followed?
  • (vii) UNESCO world heritage site in Maharashtra
  • (viii) Who wrote Mahabharat?
  • (ix) Who wrote the wealth of nations?
  • (x) Who is the governor of Maharashtra?

IIM Indore IPM Interview Experience #9

I am a PCM student with one drop year; my academic profile is as follows – 10th – 89%, 12th – 92%, and I am going to share my interview experience with you all. 

I was confident in my preparation and did not have to tackle any sort of anxiety or nervousness during the interview. There were some moments when I had to think and recollect myself and actively try to stay calm, but other than that, I think the whole process went quite smoothly. I did not get asked for an introduction, and there was just the document verification process to start things off. There were three panellists, all men (mentioned as 1M,2M, 3M from this point onwards).

1st Panellist asked me some basic chemistry questions, what is an ion, how is it categorized, etc.? which I was able to answer. Then, he asked slightly difficult physics questions, what is internal reflection, what is a lighthouse, what is the purpose of a lighthouse and its range, etc.

At this point, I had gotten comfortable with the interview and thought it would be focused on academics which was my strong area. But after answering the above-mentioned questions, the panellists completely changed the subject and moved to G.K.; 2nd Panellist asked me the full form of the NBA and where is its headquarters? I knew the full form of NBA but did not remember the city where the headquarters were. I knew that it was in the U.S. but could not recall which state or city and had to tell him so.

Then, 3rd Panellist asked me which famous basketball player had died recently; of course, I answered it (Kobe Bryant), and after that, he asked me about the number of M.P.s from Maharashtra, which I answered but later discovered was wrong; close but wrong.

Then, 3rd Panellist asked me, “any current affair topic that you know about,” and I chose to speak on Pegasus. The interview came to a stop after that. I gave lengthy answers to most of the questions asked to me and therefore was interrupted a few times with another question by any of the panellists; perhaps I shouldn’t have done that. 

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