Best IPMAT Mock Test Series to take in 2022

Best IPMAT Mock test series

What is Mock Test?

Mock tests are considered preparation exams before the final exam. These tests improve your confidence and help you reduce mistakes as you take them. You will be made aware of the test pattern along with experience the strategies for tackling the actual test.

IPMAT Mock Test Series are one of the best ways to become acquainted with an exam\’s duration, experience the exam\’s structure and content, and evaluate how well you are preparing for the exam.

Importance of Mock tests

  • Enhances your understanding of the concepts while preparing for an entrance test. It will not only aid in better preparation, but it will also help to improve weaknesses.
  • Aids in the development of problem-solving abilities These abilities will allow you to easily answer each question on exam day.
  • Candidates can assess their errors and spend time recognising the errors by solving mocks. It also gives the option to figure out how to solve questions in different ways.
  • While you solve mocks, you develop the capability of deciding which questions to attempt the first one in saving the time.

1.Time IPMAT mock test series

T.I.M.E has launched the IPMAT Mock Test series to assist students in handling various UG entrance exams in management. The test series is based on the most recent IPM and other BBA Entrance Exam patterns. The mock tests are intended to provide maximum benefit to your preparation by providing the necessary boost in terms of the application of the concepts learned. The test series will be beneficial to students who are taking IPM.

Pros: It is one of the most trust worthy platforms available for IPMAT mock tests. Having years of experience in helping aspirants, T.I.M.E has designed the IPMAT Mock test series in such a way that they encourage the students to think actively while taking the test.

Cons: T.I.M.E mocks are a bit on the pricier side when compared to other mock tests available.


2.CL IPMAT Mock test series

Career Launcher practice tests are designed to help you understand difficult concepts by requiring you to solve problems on a regular basis. To supplement your preparation, CL IPMAT Tests are online library of 1600+ questions of varying difficulty levels spread across all sections of the IPMAT.

Pros: With the enormous number of questions available to the aspirants as mock tests, one can get hold of every type of problem that can be asked from a topic.

The analysis provided for mocks can help you realize your strengths and weaknesses. This will help the aspirants in formulating their own test taking strategies.

Cons: Although the number of mocks provided are more, Career launcher mock tests series are on a pricier side when compared to other mock tests available.

BBA+IPMAT Mock Test seriesIPMAT Mock Test series
65 BBA+25 IPM Mocks30 mocks with IPMAT Indore, IPMAT Rohtak and JIPMAT exams
1600+ practice questionsIn depth analysis
In depth analysis for mocksHelps in formulating your own test taking strategy
Personalized online resource platform. 

3.Percentile Classes IPMAT Mock Test Series

Percentile mocks are one of the most sought-after ones when it comes to IPMAT preparation. The quality of the questions and the test simulating experience helps the aspirants in getting familiar with the way the real exam goes. This will help them in formulating a test taking strategy and maximize their score.

Pros: The level of difficulty of percentile IPMAT mock tests is almost same as the difficulty level of the actual exams (IPMAT Indore and IPMAT Rohtak)

Cons: The mock tests of IPMAT Rohtak are less when compared to IPMAT Indore mock tests; Thereby the available questions for practice are less.

Percentile mocks are a bit on the affordable side when compared to other IPMAT mock tests available.

IPMAT RohtakIPMAT Indore
Price:1499/-+GSTPrice: 2499/-+GST
8 tests26 tests
960 Questions1600 questions

4.AceIPM Mock Test series

Being founded by an IPM student at IIM Rohtak, AceIPM has made its mark in guiding IPMAT aspirants. Their mocks are carefully designed in such a way that the aspirants can make the most out of their time while giving mocks. Every topic is given equal importance so that no aspirant solely focuses on a single area, neglecting the rest.

Pros: There are video solutions for IPMAT mock tests (Indore) and the level of questions asked in the mocks are of a mediocre level.

These mocks are budget friendly and there are a lot of mocks available for practice.

20 IPMAT Indore (Video Solutions) + 15 IPMAT Rohtak + 15 JIPMAT + 15 Sectional Mocks
10 DUJAT + 10 CUET + 10 NPAT + 10 SET + 5 IPUCET + 5 Xavier\’s Mocks
25 Old IPMAT Mocks (2021)

5.Hits bullseye Mock test series

Hits bullseye is one of the best online test platforms in the country.

Several IPMAT mock tests based on previous years\’ papers are available for free of cost on their website to provide you a complete picture of the IPM Aptitude Test, including test sections and pattern.

Pros: Following each test, an in-depth analysis of the aspirant\’s performance will be provided, allowing them to evaluate your performance and identify your strong and weak points. These IPMAT mocks will help you prepare for the exam by simulating the actual test experience.

  • 7 Mocks (IPM, IPMAT, JIPMAT, DUJAT, NPAT, BBA, SET etc.)
  • 30 Concept Videos
  • 37 Sectional/Chapter wise
  • Tests Price: Free


What you just happened to read are the details of the best IPMAT mock test series options available for the aspirants. All of these mock tests are reliable and worth the purchase. The main goal of every institute that provides mocks is to simulate the actual test experience and help in strategy formulation.

You, as aspirants can choose any IPMAT mock test series based on your preferences and make the most out of them.

All the best!

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