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IIM IPM Options 2022

IPM (Integrated program in management) is transforming into one of the most demanded courses. As a result, many universities are starting/ have started the same to carve the students into future entrepreneurs and leaders. With so many options to choose from, it is often difficult for the aspirants to pick the best one. This blog helps the aspirants to identify the best available IIM IPM colleges:

IIM Indore IPM

IIM Indore is one of the top IIMs in the country and the most sought-after among students looking for IPM colleges. IIM Indore is the one that began started the IPM programme, back in 2011. Every year, over 20000 students apply for the IPMAT exam out of which only 900 students get a chance to appear for a personal interview. A composite score will be calculated and the final admission offer will be given to approximately 150 students.

Composite score:

Composite scoreWeightage (%)
IPMAT Score65
Personal Interview35

The competition for this exam is huge and the selection percentage is less than 1 percent.


The fees for the first three years at IIM Indore sum up to approximately 14 lakhs. Fees for the next two years will be the same as that of the PGP batch.

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The college offers a BBA (foundations in management) + MBA degree and there is an exit option after three years.


The infrastructure of the campus is highly developed and assisted with all the required facilities and technology. The whole campus is connected by high-speed WIFI, classrooms are well designed and the library has a large number of resources and journals both physical as well as e-source. The sports centre on the campus consists of swimming pools, squash, cricket stadiums and courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton.

One of the unique features of this program is that a student can opt for a sabbatical. A sabbatical is a break that can be availed by a student to acquire some work experience. This is usually given after the student completes his/her bachelor\’s degree i.e., after three years. But the candidate must belong to the top 10% of the batch to opt for it. The sabbatical period last for two years and the candidate can join the PGP batch of the institute after providing the required proof of work experience.


IIM Indore is conducting its placement drive for the batch 2020-22, over 180 recruiters participated in the placement drive. The Highest CTC stood at INR 70 LPA and the Average CTC stood at INR 25.01 LPA

IIM Rohtak IPM

IIM Rohtak started its IPM batch in 2019. It is the first-ever institute to provide a BBA+MBA integrated course.

To get admission to this program, one must attempt the IPMAT Rohtak exam. Out of 13000 students, only 1000 students will be shortlisted for the interview. A composite score will be calculated based on which final admission offers will be given.

Composite score for IPM Rohtak

ComponentWeightage (%)
Aptitude Test Score45
Personal Interview (PI)15
Past Academics (10th and 12th)40(20% each)

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The total Fee for the IPM course at IIM Rohtak is as under: 

First Year Rs. 5,00,000/-
Second YearRs. 5,50,000/-
Third YearRs. 5,50,000/-
Fourth YearRs. 8,95,000/-
Fifth YearRs. 8,95,000/-
Total Rs.33,90,000/- 

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The classrooms are air-conditioned and fully furnished. They are also equipped with multiple sliding boards and projectors.

The library is the favourite spot of many students to study because of its infrastructure and vast study resources.

The campus has a football field, basketball court and badminton court and a well-equipped gym.

Hostel rooms are spacious and hi-speed Wi-Fi is available on the campus.

IIM Rohtak doesn’t provide any sabbatical but the candidate can leave the course after three years i.e., on completion of a BBA degree.


IIM Rohtak started the IPM Program three years ago. So, no record of placement is available for the IPM Batch.However, one can refer to the placement record of the MBA Program of the institute to get a better idea.

According to the data available for the 2020- 2022 MBA batch, the institute recorded 100% placement. The highest CTC was 30 LPA whereas the average CTC stood at 15.92 LPA. Some of the recruiters were ICICI Bank, Amazon, OYO, HDFC Bank etc.

IIM Ranchi IPM

IIM Ranchi is one of the prestigious institutions that started the IPM course. The first batch took admissions in the year 2021. Even though the program is new, the institute seems to have kept its promises in terms of quality of education and exposure for the students.

To get admission into the IPM batch of IIM Ranchi, one can attempt IPMAT Indore and/or SAT. Shortlisted students will be called for an interview after which a composite score will be calculated.

Composite score for IPM Ranchi:

Admission Test Score50% 
PI Score30% 
Academic Profile20% 
Gender Diversity (Bonus Points)*5%  

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The fees for the first three years of the IPM Programme in IIM Ranchi costs around Rs. 16Lakh. The fees for the next two years are the same as that of the MBA course.

For more details, kindly visit:

The institute provides a BBA+ MBA degree. A Candidate can exit the IIM Ranchi Integrated Program in Management with a BBA degree after three years of completion of all the requirements.


IIM Ranchi has recently shifted to its permanent campus in Dhurwa from SuchnaBhawan. Located in the “City of Waterfalls”, the campus is very well built with all the necessary facilities available for the students.

The classrooms are well equipped with modern technological tools and pleasant interiors and lighting. The entire academic block has high-speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity.The library of IIM Ranchi is named as Athenaeum-The Learning Resource Centre. Various books and resources covering various topics about management are available here.

The hostel rooms are fully furnished and are equipped with five-star facilities.The mess and the canteen remain open for nearly 20 hours a day and the dispensary is available for medical concerns.


IIM Ranchi started IPM just a year back. So, no record of placement is available for the BatchHowever, one can refer to the placement record of the MBA Program of the institute to get a better idea. According to the placement report of IIM Ranchi for the batch 2019-2021, the highest CTC is 25.5LPA and the average CTC is 13.83 CTC. Its recruiters were Capgemini, Flipkart, KPMG, Accenture, ICICI Bank etc.


IPM IIM Jammu falls into the category of a very recently started program and the institute itself was established in 2016. For admission into IPM IIM Jammu, one must attempt JIPMAT (Joint Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test).The institute then takes into consideration the 10th and 12th marks of the students along with the JIPMAT score. 

A final merit list is prepared taking into consideration both points 1 and 2. The students would be required to pay an EOI (Expression of Interest) fee of Rs. 10,000 and also have to give their preference between IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Jammu.


Year Amount (INR)
First year Rs. 4,85,000
Second year Rs. 4,85,000
Third year Rs. 4,85,000
Fourth year Rs. 7,75,440 (As per MBA first year)
Fifth year Rs. 7,80,690(As per MBA second year)


Jammu is a city that has been bestowed by nature with picturesque beauty. It\’s a completely safe city that would be an excellent place to pursue higher education. IIM Jammu has three campuses that are currently operational. The main campus of the old university is located on Canal Road, while the other campus is located in Jaluchak. 

There is a Srinagar off-campus with the IIM Jammu incubation centre. The IPM cohort will be housed on a new campus that is currently under construction. The IIM\’s culture dictates that the students run the entire campus. The infrastructure committee, the mess committee, and other committees all look after the requirements of the students. The student council is in charge of supervision.


The institute recently completed its final placements for the MBA 05 batch and achieved a placement rate of 100 per cent. Paytm, Amazon, Infosys, KPMG, Xiaomi, Deloitte, Cognizant, etc., PWC, USI, Accenture, and DHL were among its recruiters. Over 112 companies participated in the campus recruitment process for the MBA class of 217 students. This year\’s highest LPA was 32 lakhs.

IIM Bodhgaya IPM

For admission into IPM IIM Bodhgaya, one must attempt JIPMAT (Joint Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test). The institute then takes into consideration the 10th and 12th marks of the students along with the JIPMAT score. 

A final merit list is prepared taking into consideration both points 1 and 2. The students would be required to pay an EOI (Expression of Interest) fee of Rs. 10,000 and also have to give their preference between IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Jammu.


Year Amount (INR)
First year Rs. 4,50,000
Second year Rs. 4,50,000
Third year Rs. 4,50,000
Fourth year Rs. 7,50,000
Fifth yearRs. 7,50,000

Note: The candidates will have to bear mess charges as per the prevailing rates of IIM Bodhgaya.


IIM Bodhgaya, too, is proud of its versatility in instilling qualities of togetherness in its students and broadening their horizons. As you may be aware, Bodhgaya is a well-known historical site in India. When it comes to IIM Bodhgaya\’s hostels, they have all of the necessary infrastructures in the form of clean rooms, washrooms, and a common room for students. 

There are also sports facilities, such as basketball courts and gyms, to encourage students to participate in recreational activities.


IIM Bodhgaya – According to data available for the 2019-21 MBA batch, the institute had a 100% placement rate. The batch had a strength of 109. The highest CTC offered was 17.3 lakhs. Tata Power, McKinsey & Company, ekincare, Kale Logistics, Kotak Mahindra, and KPMG were among the recruiters, making it one of the best IPM colleges in India.

All the above-listed universities are known for their excellence in preparing future managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. The ranking is done considering all the parameters that are mentioned. Every student has different expectations of college life and learning. Choose the universities based on your interest and consider this ranking just for reference purposes. As already mentioned, no matter which university you choose, it is you who have to make the journey worth it.

Hope this blog is helpful to you.

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