Best Coachings for IPMAT in 2022 | Top 5 IPMAT Coachings

Best coachings for IPMAT

When it comes to choosing between the large number of coachings for IPMAT, it can be a daunting task.

Presently there are a total of 5 IIMs which have the IPM course. IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak conduct their respective IPMAT exams every year, while IIM Ranchi takes into account the IPMAT Indore exam score or the SAT score. On the other hand, IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya conduct the JIPMAT exam. Naturally, since all of these exams are conducted by different institutes, the level of difficulty varies.

When it comes to the preparation for these exams, you can either choose to do self-study or opt for coaching classes for guidance and help. For those of y’all who wish to focus more on the self-study part can click here to know more about the IPMAT preparation tips.

Through this blog I wish to talk about the top 5 coachings for IPMAT which are offering good services when it comes to preparation for the IPMAT exam. This would be applicable for both the IPMAT exam as well as the JIPMAT exam.

1. TIME (Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt Ltd.)

TIME is a very renowned and old institute preparing and guiding students for various competitive exams like CAT, CLAT, CDS, SSC, training programs for Bank PO and now the IPMAT. It was established back in 1992 in Hyderabad when it just had one centre. Today the institute has around 190 offices. The best part about TIME is that the material they provide in the form of handouts, e-textbooks, mocks, sectional texts etc is extremely useful. The faculty is also quite experienced and good. 

There is an option of opting for either the online or the offline course for the IPMAT coaching. In the online mode one of the major advantages is that since the video lessons are unloaded on the student’s portal you can watch it anytime and can and pause take note. It becomes really convenient as the time constraints are no more there. One important point to note about TIME IPMAT coaching is that the duration of the prep would be for a period of one year and not for two years unlike some other coaching institutes.  

On the other hand, in the offline mode the doubt clearing part would be much faster as the students can ask their doubts in class itself. Moreover, in the offline mode level of interaction with the faculty also is much more which is definitely beneficial for the students. TIME also conducts GD, PI and WAT training for the shortlisted students.

T.I.M.E. is a go to institute for a lot of aspirants among all the different coachings for IPMAT.

Currently the fees for the IPMAT exam preparation for 2023 at TIME is INR Rs. 39,950 for one year including GST. While the IPMAT crash course fees for the 2022 exam is INR Rs. 27,950 including GST. To know more details about the course you can visit the following link: 

2. Percentile Classes

In my opinion the biggest USP of percentile classes is that they always keep their students updated with all the latest news, then whether it be regarding the exam pattern or any rules and regulations being altered etc. The study material provided is extremely useful. You might find the questions to be a little tougher and harder to crack but I feel that if you practice these questions well, then it not only gives you a lot of confidence but also prepares you for all contingency situations. 

Contingency situations here would basically refer to that one time when the paper happens to be extremely tough. Although the paper is generally balanced with questions of all levels distributed properly, but it may happen that once in a blue moon the questions are very tricky. In such situations the confidence which you’ve gained by solving tough questions and giving mocks would come handy. Some of the things they offer are as follows

To know more about the various programs available at ’Percentile classes’ please visit the following link.

3. Career Launcher

Career launcher is another good option for the IPMAT preparation as they provide the students access to a lot of study material and video lessons. They conduct their classes in a blended mode wherein they combine the IPM classroom program with the IPM coaching online. This gives the students greater amount of flexibility in terms of their study schedule. There blended classroom program is good mainly due to the following reasons:

  • The pattern of the IPMAT exams doesn’t stay constant all the time. Every year something or the other is being added or subtracted. Career launcher ensures that their students get access to all the up-to-date study material and are well aware of the paper pattern.
  • They focus on regular problem solving by conducting various mock tests and practice tests. This helps the students to get a practice of not only a variety of questions but also of the time management. 
  • They have an AI based system to provide an entire test analysis to the students after giving the mock tests. This helps them in understanding their strengths and weakness and also helps them in knowing their ranking.
  • The teaching staff is also very experienced and are well versed with the paper pattern.

4. AceIPM

Ace IPM was started by a group of IPM students under the mentorship of IIM and IIT professors. The aim was to provide personalized learning solutions to the candidates as it would help them to clear their UG entrance exams. Some of its USPs are as follows:

  • Ace IPM provides personalized guidance to the students by helping them analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
  • They conduct daily live sessions for doubt clearance of the students and help them in devising an entrance strategy. This is an extremely important plus point because the strategy for all the students would vary depending upon each person’s strong and weak areas. 
  • Another important aspect is the mocks which they conduct as that provides students a real time experience of the exam. The founders of Ace IPM are themselves IPM students so they are the best people to guide the aspirants as they have hands on experience.

To know more about the prices and services offered you can visit the following link 

5. Top Rankers

Top rankers was launched in 2015 with a primary aim of creating awareness among people about careers beyond engineering and medicine. The supergrads which is a subset of top rankers conducts the IPMAT coaching classes for the aspirants. Some of their USPs are as follows:

• Ample number of resources are provided to the students for practice and an excellent team of professors to guide the students.

• They do not charge any advance fees and they also have an EMI option to pay for the IPMAT coaching.

• They focus on giving students assignments for practice along with mock tests so that the students learn to solve the questions in a time constraint. They encourage their students to do smart work and not just hard work.

• Separate doubt clearing sessions for each subject are also scheduled.

Please visit the following link to find out more about the various plans offered by Top rankers for IPMAT coaching.

The decision of choosing the best coaching for IPMAT depends on various factors like the resources provided by the coaching institute in the form of e-books or hard copy books, practice questions, mock test etc, the fees charged by the coaching institute, the quality of the faculty, the proximity of the class from your neighborhood if you are wanting to opt for the offline mode etc. However, having said that I believe that at the end of the day whichever institute you may choose, you have to put in efforts from your side in order to convert your dreams into reality. They provide with all the resources and but it is you who ultimately has to make proper use of it.

For more information regarding IPM, whether it’s interview prep, selection criteria, college fees or anything else, click here .

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