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Best books for IPMAT Preparation

Books are extremely important in everyone\’s life, but especially in the life of a student. Books are our best friends, especially when it comes to exams, because they are informative, cost effective, and last for years. Here are best books for IPMAT Preparation that will guide your way in IPMAT preparation journey

IPMAT Books for Quantitative aptitude –

Arun Sharma quantitative aptitude

  • This book is designed for CAT aspirants. However, an IPMAT aspirant can use it too. The problems given in the book are divided on the basis of their difficulty level. If you really want to master Quantitate that this is one of the best books for IPMAT.
  • Pros – The book is well organized and is the most reliable book when compared to rest of the books in the market.
  • Cons – As you proceed through the problems, the difficulty level increases which exceeds the difficulty of a typical IPMAT Indore paper. Also some of the class 12th topics such as matrix are not covered in the book, but they are a part of IPMAT Syllabus.
  • Who should use this- Aspirants who completed the theory part and want to solve problems with moderate to extreme difficulty level can use it.

Quantitative Aptitude – Wiley publications

  • All of your quantitative needs can be met with this one book. Concepts that are simple to grasp. Solving this book can help you build a solid foundation in your quantitative abilities.
  • Pros- Explain how to solve questions in a simple manner, as well as highlight common errors.
  • Cons – problems are solved with shortcuts which many students don’t find comfortable to follow.
  • Who should use this-This book is good for beginners, who are not used to solve problems in traditional methods. This book comes in hand for those who struggle to remember a lot of information.

IPMAT Books for Verbal ability –

Verbal ability by Arun Sharma

  • The book focuses on how to easily tackle the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension sections of the CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. However, IPMAT aspirants can use this for reference
  • Pros – It provides clear guidance to aspirants on how to approach various types of questions, as well as time-saving tips and tricks
  • Cons – The book is not beginner friendly. As it is designed for exams like CAT, the difficulty in questions is higher when compared to IPMAT. The book is very vast and is difficult to complete
  • Who should use this- Aspirants who are done with their IPMAT preparation by need some extra practice can use this book.

Decoding Verbal Ability- Disha publications

  • A description – The book is specifically designed to help you crack the VA section of exams like IPMAT, CAT using the various tools and techniques introduced in the various Chapters.
  • Pros – The model of questions asked in this book are similar to those which are asked in IPMAT exam. This is the only book on the market has such topic-wise chapters written so clearly and is so detailed with  examples and discussions.
  • Who should use this- Any IPMAT aspirant who is struggling to improve their score in VA can opt for this book.

IPMAT Rohtak Books

Since the paper pattern of IPMAT Rohtak is different, you will need different books. Books which may have a bit easy question but helps you increase speed, in Verbal Rohtak focuses more on Vocab and grammar so books according to this, they will also need book for LR as IPMAT Rohtak do contain reasoning questions.

Quantitative Aptitude books for IPMAT Rohtak –

Quantitative aptitude by RS Agarwal

  • Aside from the structured division of the entire syllabus into various chapters, the book\’s quality has been improved by making additional efforts to assist the learner in excelling in the exam.
  • Pros – First and foremost, each chapter contains detailed information that can be used to answer questions about the subject. Following this, there is a set of solved examples that give the student a general idea of the types of questions he/she will encounter in the given chapter and how to solve them. Last but not least, the solutions to each and every problem are included in the book, along with a detailed solution method.
  • Cons – There are few mathematical errors in the book
  • Who should use this- This is a good option if you want to start from scratch

Logical Reasoning books for IPMAT Rohtak –

A Modern Approach To Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning

  • One of the best books to have if you are studying for any competitive exam where reasoning is required.
  • Pros – The best part of this book is that it provides the student with a variety of questions that will keep him/her up to date on the types of questions that he/she may face in exams and will allow him/her to use the desired methodology as quickly as possible.
  • Cons – 1) Minor mistakes in a few chapters: Nothing to worry about; in such cases, you can seek assistance from your peers or a teacher. The majority of the book is fine. 2) Lack of tricks: Some questions can be solved with tricks; however, this book provides the correct methodology.
  • Who should use this- If you want to practice all varieties of problems with difficulty level similar to IPMAT Rohtak, then this is the perfect book

LRDI Books by Arun Sharma

  • This book is aimed to prepare students for exams like CAT and OMETs
  • Pros – The book is a ocean of problems. Every single type of question which can be formulated by a topic is given in this book
  • Cons – The difficulty is much higher the level of IPMAT Rohtak paper
  • Who should use this- Aspirants who already completed their syllabus and want some extra practice can use this book

Verbal Ability Books for IPMAT Rohtak –

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

  • This book will not provide you with a list of words to help you improve your vocabulary overnight. It is divided into chapters, each of which teaches you a new set of root words and their various combinations, which lead to new words. You will undoubtedly feel better after finishing the book.
  • Pros -1) New words are organised into thematic chapters that make it simple to connect the words . 2) He uses etymology as a scaffold to help him learn many related words at the same time. 3) All words are reviewed multiple times throughout the book in exercises that use a variety of methods to assess recall and understanding
  • Who should use this – Anyone who is trying to build their vocabulary must have this.

A Complete Book OF Reading Comprehension

  • This book has been revised to say for competitive exams . The goal of this book is to help students learn and understand the new kinds of questions asked in the exam so that they can maximize their scores in verbal ability.
  • Pros: It contains all kinds of Reading comprehension questions ranging from basic to advanced level
  • Cons: This book, however can’t be the only book used for VA preparation because only RC questions are given in this book
  • Who can use it: This book can be used by students who are facing difficulty in solving RCs.

Special Mention: The are IPMAT books such as Pearson\’s IPMAT books, Career Launcher\’s IPMAT Books series and Disha Publication\’s IPMAT books series. These books for IPMAT are solely dedicated towards IPM Aspirants and covers the entire Syllabus of IPMAT. If you don\’t have more than 6 months for preparation then this books provide great value prospects to you. The only cons about these IPMAT Books is that they don\’t cover topics in details, moreover the difficulty level is not upto the latest standards of IPMAT Indore Paper.

When it comes it books, it is not only the quality of it that matters. The way you use it matters the most.

All the best!

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