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IIM Indore IPM Porgramme

The value of an IIM Tag is not unknown to an aspiring manager. If any student is looking forward to choosing IIMs right from their undergraduate, then they must have come across the IPM program. This blog aims to help all aspirants to know everything important thing about the IIM Indore IPM, to allow them to make better decisions regarding their careers.

IIM Indore IPM Course

The IPM program is a five-year integrated program in management which is presently offered by 5 IIMs and IIM Indore tops the list. IIM Indore IPM was launched in 2011, and the institute has proven its excellence in all managerial domains in just ten years. Aside from a promising career, one can gain knowledge in a variety of areas. If you look closely at the curriculum, you will notice that it is diverse right away.

The course curriculum has been designed to ensure that goal is met because this program aims for students\’ holistic development. Everything in the curriculum is beautifully organized, from a course as specific as Calculus to a course as broad as philosophy. The degree received by the students at the end of 5 years is BA (Foundations in management) + MBA.

One of the unique features of IIM Indore IPM is that a student can opt for a sabbatical. A sabbatical is a break that can be availed by a student to acquire some work experience. This is usually given after the student completes his/her bachelor\’s degree i.e., after three years. But the candidate must belong to the top 10% of the batch to opt for it. The sabbatical period last for two years and the candidate can join the PGP batch of the institute after providing the required proof of work experience.

IIM Indore IPM Eligibility

The following points need to be paid attention to be eligible for the exam:

• There is a minimum percentage requirement of 60% in class 10th and 12th examinations.

• The candidates who wish to apply for the IPMAT exam should’ve passed the qualifying examination in 20220, 2021 or 2022.

• The candidates can be maximum of 20 years of age in order to apply for the IPMAT.

• Candidates belonging to any stream that is science, commerce and arts can apply for the exam.

Every year, over 20000 students apply for the IPMAT exam out of which only 900 students get a chance to appear for a personal interview. A composite score will be calculated and the final admission offer will be given to approximately 150 students.

The composite score for IPM Indore:

Composite ScoreWeightage %
IPMAT Score65
Personal Interview35

IIM Indore IPMAT exam

IPMAT stands for Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test, and it is administered by IIM Indore to candidates seeking admission to IPM Program. The following areas were tested:

• The quantitative aptitude section will essentially test your knowledge of mathematics up to the tenth-grade level.

• Data interpretation questions, in which small case lets of data are provided, followed by a series of questions.

• Logical reasoning, which may include case lets or singleton questions.

• Verbal ability, which includes grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and so on.

IPMAT Exam pattern

SectionQuestion FormatNo. of QuestionsTime DurationMarks Awarded
Quantitative AbilityMCQs2030 minutes+4
Quantitative AbilityShort Answers1030 minutes+4
Verbal AbilityMCQs3030 minutes+4

For each correct answer, +4 points are awarded, and for each incorrect answer, -1 points are deducted. 

As there is a high risk of losing marks if any candidate guesses the exam, I believe that before taking any examination, you should be completely familiar with the exam pattern.

IPMAT Exam dates

IIM Indore IPM Admission test 
online registration commencement date 
26th march 2022
IPMAT IIM Indore registration last date7th May 2022
Date of examination2nd July 2022
IIM Indore IPMAT result15th July 2022

IIM Indore IPM Fee Structure

The fees for the first three years at IIM Indore IPM sum up to approximately 14 lakhs. Fees for the next two years will be the same as that of the MBA students.

The tuition fees for the first three years of IIM Indore IPM are 5,00,000 Per annum. Students can make the payment in three installments. The fees for the fourth and fifth will be the same as MBA students. The total fees for the first three years come out to be around 17 lakhs, and if we estimate the total expenses for the entire five-year Programme, it will cost you about 38 Lakh approximately.  


IIM Indore IPM Curriculum

IIM Indore IPM follows a trimester system i.e., three terms per year.

The program is intended to provide a multidisciplinary foundation that draws on the humanities, social sciences, arts, and sciences. On such a foundation, the program\’s cross-disciplinary business core is built. Management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, information systems, data science, and strategic management are all covered in detail.

Term 1:

Microeconomics-I, Differential Calculus, Statistical Methods-I, Sociology-I, Philosophy-I, Language Skills in English-I, Introduction to Algorithms, Dance-I, Drama-1, Additional: Physical Training + Sports/ Social Work

Term 2:

Macroeconomics, Integral Calculus, Probability-I, Psychology-I, Language Skills in English I (Part B), Introduction to Drama-II, Dance-II​, Physical Training + Sports/ Social Work

Term 3:

Microeconomics II, Linear Algebra, Sampling Distribution & Statistical Inference, PoliticalScience I, Philosophy II, Presentation Skills, Introduction to Data Structure, Introduction to Databases, Drama III, Dance III, Physical Training + Sports/Social Work

Term 4:

Macroeconomics II, Numerical Analysis, Statistical Methods II, Psychology I, Political Science II,​Language Skills in English II, Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-I, French I, Spanish.

Term 5:

Macroeconomics II, Numerical Analysis, Statistical Methods II, Psychology II, Political Science II, Language Skills in English II, Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-I, French I, Spanish I.

Term 6:

Development Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences 1, Psychology III, Sociology III. Language Skills in English III, Object-Oriented Design, Programming and JAVA, Optimization, Multivariate Analysis, Visual Analysis, LAW, French, Spanish

Term 7:

Political Science 3, Humanities and Social Sciences 2, Corporate Etiquette and Image Management, Accounting Public Economics (Elective), International Trade (Elective)​, Game Theory​, Stochastic Processes I, Introduction to Stochastic Calculus, Intellectual Property Rights, Community Mental Health.

Term 8:

Web Development, Business History, Business, Government and Society, Principles of Management, Media Literacy (Elective), Indian Economy (Elective), Environmental Economics (Elective), Mobile Data Management (Elective), Leadership Insights for Contemporary Businesses from the Mughal Empire(Elective), Positive Organizational Psychology (Elective), Key Issues in Contemporary Indian Politics (Elective), Contemporary India Society and Culture (Elective), Business Ethics: Learning the Integrative Live Case (ILC) Way (Workshop)(Pass/Fail course) (Elective), Indian Financial System (Elective), Discovering Self (Pass/Fail course) (Elective)​

Term 9:

Monetary Macroeconomics (Elective), Competition Policy (Elective), Topics in Macroeconomics (Elective)​, Nature Watching (workshop) (Elective)​, Cost-Benefit Analysis of Public Policy Making (Elective), Essentials of Human Values (Elective), Crafting Your Inner World (workshop course) (Elective), New Media and Society (Elective), Understanding Indian Bazaar (Elective), International Organizations and Contemporary Challenges of Global Governance(Elective), Python Programming (Elective), Mobile Commerce and Security (Elective) Introduction to R Programming (Elective), Stochastic Calculus II (workshop course) (Elective)​, Workshop on Case Analysis (workshop course) (Elective), Discrete Event Simulation (Elective), Journey of Self-Discovery and Strengthening Self (workshop course)(Elective)


The infrastructure of the campus is highly developed and assisted with all the required facilities and technology. The whole campus is connected by high-speed WIFI, classrooms are designed in the best way possible, and the library has a large number of resources and journals both physical as well as e-source. The sports center on the campus consists of swimming pools, squash, cricket stadiums and courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton.

The campus is also called Planet-I and it has everything a student can imagine. The annual fest ATHARV of IIM Indore is well known among the management students and it includes high student involvement thereby providing them with a competitive, enthusiastic learning environment and experience. 


IIM Indore is conducting its placement drive for the batch 2020-22, over 180 recruiters participated in the placement drive. The Highest CTC for the IIM Indore IPM batch stood at INR 70 LPA and the Average CTC stood at INR 25.01 LPA. The placements at IIM Indore are increasing year by year indicating the quality of education and exposure provided to the candidates

What you just happened to read where all of the facts that were laid out in front of you. This institute, in my opinion, is worth the time and money. Everyone may have a different criterion for making a decision. However, it is critical to always make an informed decision that takes into account all relevant factors. At the end of the day, you want to get quality education and exposure from this course, which I believe the institute undoubtedly provides.

If you’re wondering what life at IIM Indore IPM must be like click here to read about just that.

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